Wheels and Tires

Factory Wheel/Tire Information Stock tire & wheel specs including width, size, pressures, etc.

Tires/Wheels Survey Triumphspitfire.com’s visitors rank their tire brands, sizes, wheels. Also helpful deciding wheel brands. Note: the page has many entries therefore may be slow to load.

Aftermarket Wheel Brands for Your Car A list of wheels that will fit Spitfires/GT6’s

Wheel Alignment Specs Camber, caster, etc for Spitfire and GT6

Wheel Stud Upgrade Change Spitfire wheel studs to heavier, longer studs for aftermarket wheels

SpeedBleeder Sizes The correct size of Speedbleeders as Spits require two sizes

Wire Wheel CareFrom a 1969 Triumph Service bulletin

Wire Wheel Information

Wheel Backspace

Front Spring InformationInfo about front springs on 1962? Spitfire, Herald and Vitesse

Diff/Rear Suspension Information


Tire Sizes for your SpitfireTerry Thompson’s research on tire sizes to fit the Spitfire’s 4.5″ wheels

Car Setup and Troubleshooting Guide 
The effects of different tire pressures, shocks, antiroll bars, springs and alignment on handling.

Truing Wire WheelsThis page tells how to make sure your wire wheels are true.