Aftermarket Spitfire, GT6 (and a few Lotus) Wheels

AFTERMARKET (no longer available new)

Brandmodelsize in inchesweightoffsetbackspacenotesphoto
American RacingAmericanracing.comLemansSilverstone200-S LibreSpector? (possibly Silverstone)?55.55.5???13 lbs.????.5″???3.75???A.R. is probably no longer manufacturing the lug pattern for Spits/GT6’s.American Racing LeMansAmerican Racing SilverstoneAmerican Racing LibreAmerican Racing SpectorAmerican Racing
Ansen AutomotiveSprint6″~25 lbs with tire-.496″2 15/16Classic Slot Mags, a little wide on the front, great in the rear (with fender mods for rubbing)
ApplianceAluminum Slot5″“not too bad”??Have the same look as Mustang IIphoto to come
Astrali??????photo to come
ATS??????ATS wheels
AvonSafety????“the wheels they are made by a company called Avon (not sure if that is the same company that makes tyres) and they are known as Safety wheels as they have a metal insert that goes around the wheel (under the tyre) that apparently prevents the tyre from coming off in the event of a blowout”
AWS??????photo to come
British LeylandMonza RW5 1/2″ x 13″???“The guy from who I bought my car told me that these alloy wheels were originally fitted to my ’79 Spitfire. photo to come
Mod 100 (Sport Stars)
6″ x 13″
5 1/2″ x 13″
5 1/2″ x 13″
Carmona?5, 5.5 or 6 inch5 kg’ssame as stock?Minilite copyphoto to come
Cheviot?????made in Australia
CosmicMkII5, 5.5, 6″ x 13, 14, 15″?24mm4 1/4″?
CosmicGT6″ x 13″?24mm4 1/4″?photo to come
CosmicWP5 1/2″ x 13″?24mm4 1/4″?photo to come
CosmicMK25 1/2″ x 13″?24mm4 1/4″?photo to come
Cosmic?5 1/2″ x 13″????
Enkei?5 1/2″ x 13″
6″ x 13″
???Minilite copyphoto to come
Globe?5 1/2″ x 13″??3 3/4″Not sure what the actual name of the style of the wheel is but they are a 20 spoke rim. They are a very nice looking rim with a polished outer lip and silver painted spokes and centre piece. Common on other older cars in Australiaphoto to come
Gotti?5 1/2″ x 13″
6″ x 13″
Hayashi?6″ x 13″??3 3/8″?
IMCO?5 1/2″ x 13″??3 3/8″?photo to come
JP Wheels?????Possibly made in Sweden
Another photo
KN Wheels?Hurricane ?MinatorApollo5″ x 13″5.5, 6, 6.5 x135.5×13?????20mm???KN is still making Minator (in UK)
MangelsCopacabana6″?23mm??photo to come
Ronal?6″????photo to come
ShelbyCalifornia 5006 1/2″ x 13″??2 3/4″Look exactly like Wolfrace wheelphoto
SuperlightClassic SuperlightSpitfireChallenger15×5.5 15×618.9 lbs???4.44″?photo to come
Triumph ??????This photo was listed in a Triumph Factory options brochure for Mk2 Spitfires (post 1964) as “Magnesium Wheel item # V420” The text goes on to say “normally supplied in dull finish, they are available polished, as shown, for a small extra charge.”
Very similar if not the same as wheel made by American Racing.
Triumphfactory wire4.5 x 13????Triumph offered a factory wire wheel that mouted using lug nuts rather than a knockoff.
Western??Turbo6″?5.5 x 13???Western made a few styles that fit Spitfires
I am still undecided if top two wheels are Western (note subtle differences to mesh)
WolfraceSlotTurbo5.5″ and 6″ x 13″6 x 13 and up????????Wolfrace slot

AFTERMARKET (still available)

Brandmodelcontact infosizesoffsetbackspaceweightprice (each)notesphoto
AllycatSupa-SlotRimmer Bros5.5 x 13???£99 (~$130)A Wolfrace look-alike
compomotive.comML: 5.5 x 13, 6 x 13 & 6 x 14MO: 5.5 x 14, 6 x 14??13.2 lbs for 5.5×13 ML’s15 lbs for 5.5 x 14 MO’s$180 ML
$155 MO
ML is a Minilite “copy”
from the UK
ML wheelMO wheel
CompomotiveCRXcompomotive.comML: 5.5 x 13, 6 x 13 & 6 x 14????
Diamond RacingRR
13×5.5, 13×6, 13×7?1-3″10.5 lbs.~$70 eachVery mean looking. Center caps no longer fit on correctly. Took a very long time since the lug pattern had to be ordered by them, but very happy @ <$70 per! The car rides a lot better as well.
Image WheelsImage Wheels
Phone +44 (0) 121 522 2442
Jigsaw RacingLeMans 01536 763799Compomotive
01902 311 499
5.5×1317mm100mm?£112.50 per wheelAn aluminum reproduction of the 1964 Factory LeMans winning wheels
& 3pc Mag
13×5, 13×5.5, 13×6, 13×6.5, etc.specifyBackspacing available in 1/2″ increments7 lbs.expensive!13″,14″&15″ AutoX & racing wheels custom made to your specs with magnesium or aluminum centers. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks after your order is placed.
KN WheelsMinatorRimmer Bros, Victoria British, or Midland and KN Wheels5 x 13, 5.5 x 13, 5.5 x 14, 6 x 14???£85
a Minilite “style”Second photo shows a 5.5 x 14 in anthracite with polished rim
MiniliteAlloyMidland or Minilite5,5.5,6×13???$180 for roadwheel, $207 comp.the “Real McCoy”
MiniliteSportMainstreet Motorsports or Minilite6×13???$180 for roadwheel, $207 comp.the “Real McCoy”
Panasport?KSpeed and all major parts suppliers5.5×13, 6×13, 6×14???$160-180a Minilite “style”, road wheels and lighter racing options are available
Revolite4-spoke or 5-spoke7 x 13???£64silver with options for colored spokessimilar to Revolution wheels below
Revolution4-spoke or 5-spokeRevolution Competitionmanyroad: + 15mm,
race: +10mm,
rally: +13mm
road: + 94mm,
race: 90mm,
rally: 92mm
?$160-180black spokes are available on wheels with silver lip. Full white wheel also available.
Superlite“Classic”Pack Racing Products (Arizona)5.5 x 1319mm+101mm5.30kgabout $150 eacha Minilite copy, colors & chrome available. Another model, ML, available: heavier with slightly thicker spokes
Superlite“Classic”13 x 623mm+111mm5.57kg?same as abovesame as above
Superlite“Classic”Pack Racing Products (Arizona)14 x 618mm+ or 25mm+106mm or 115mm6.25kgabout $150 eachwheel shown is 18mm positive offset, ~4.2 inch backspace and 185/60-HR14 Yokohama Avid H4s
Superlite“Classic”Pack Racing Products (Arizona)15 x 62mm+ and 24mm+91mm and 114mm8.56kgabout $150 eachsame as abovesame as above
Superlite3 Piece, Cast or Billet13×4.5
13x 5
13x 5.5
13x 6
From 0 to 30PFrom 2.5″ to 4.5″From 3.5kg to 6.5Kg?same as abovesame as above
SuperliteClassic SuperlightSpitfireChallengerPerformance Alloy Wheels (Australia)13x 5.5
13x 6
24mm4.44″18.9 lbs?Superlight same as aboveSpitfire looks similar to Alleycat (above)Challenger looks like ATS (above)

wire (Dunlop)466British Wire Wheel or Rimmer Bros.5.5 x 13
4.5 x 13
???$160 painted
$235 chrome
Knock offs and mounting kits not included but requiredphoto to come
wire (? brand)?Moss
or Victoria British
5 x 13???$160-180 painted
$250-275 chrome
Knock offs, mounting kits not included but required

Note: Many of these wheel suppliers are just that, suppliers who take orders. Many wheel manufactures are based in England and wheels are made when the order is taken. If you order wheels it might be months before you receive the wheels.

FACTORY (both Triumph and other marques)

Triumph Spitfire/GT6 wire4.5 x 13??same as stockTriumph offered a factory wire wheel that mouted using lug nuts rather than a knockoff.
Triumph TR75 x 13?same as stock
TR7 steel wheels are hubcentric (centered on the hubs) and Spitfire hubs are not. It is a good idea to countersink the lug holes 1/16 inch to better accept the Spitfire’s stock tapered lug nuts.Visit this link for info.
Triumph TR85? x 8 ??Little info about this conversion… more than likely the same info about TR7 applies.
Triumph Dolomite5 1/2 x 13 ??35 mmAlthough these wheels fit, the offset causes problems
also see racing photo
Formula Ford Racecarsmany?same as stockFormula Ford racecars used the same bolt pattern as Spits/GT6’sphoto to come
Lotus Elan/Europa5 1/2 x 13 ???Europa and Elan used the same hubs as Spitfires. This wheel is from a Europa and is probably made by Cosmic.
Lotus Elan/Europa5 1/2 x 13??Dunlop Europa Special alloys
MGF Alloys??same as stockMGF’s use the same bolt patten as Spit/GT6’s. However offsets are different and will rub the suspension and inner to come
Morris Marina??same as stockOE on 76 Spitfirephoto to come
MG/Austin Montego14″ & 15″width: 5.5” front & 6” rear??same as Spit but 14″, 185/65 R14 tyres give similar rolling circumference to stock 13″195/50 shown. Many mods required to combat rubbing inside fenders and suspension.(click on photo for full view a of GT6 with these wheels)
MG Maestro14″ & 15″width: 5.5” front & 6” rear??same as Spit but 14″, 185/65 R14 tyres give similar rolling circumference to stock 13″
Offset problems as above?
photo to come


Factory wheel sizes:

3.5 x 13 for Mk1-early Mk3,
4.5 x 13 for late Mk3 to 1978 1500,
5 x 13 for 1979-80 1500’s

Factory Wheel Bolt Pattern:

3 3/4″ (95.2 mm)

Factory Wheel offset:

+0.88″ (22mm) offset for 4.5″ wheels
The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. See photo

Factory Wheel weight:

4.5 x 13 for late Mk3 to 1978 1500: 18lbs. each

WHEEL LINKS (off site) 

GT6 Wheel PhotosM. D. Nugent’s wheel page (moved to our server, thanks Doc)

MGF Wheel PhotosIf MGF wheels do indeed fit Spits/GT6’s, here is a link to photos.

Wheel Offset ExplainedOffset is a somewhat complicated concept. Check out this link for a good explanation.