Wire Wheel Care

February 6, 1969 Triumph Service Bulletin
Pertaining to GT-6, Spitfire, TR-250 & TR-4A

In addition to recent Service Bulletins on this subject, in order to simplify the fitting of wire wheels to hub adaptors, it has been decided that grease can and should be liberally applied to all tapers, splines and screw threads on both the wire wheels and adaptors alike.

The following procedure must be adopted each time wheels are removed and refitted and careful attention always given to this at all predelivery, 1,000 mile inspections and routine service operations:

1. Check that the splines on the hub adaptors and in the wheels are clean and free from foreign matter.

2. Insure that the adaptor taper, hub nut and matting wheel hub tapers are clean.

3. Grease all tapers, splines and screw threads liberally with special PBC grease. Stocks of this PBC grease in the form of 1 oz. tubes part number V 640 are available through our Spares Organization.

4. Slide the wheel on to the adaptor and pushing against the wheel hub center to maintain concentric location, simultaneously screw on the retaining nut by hand until the wheel is felt to seat on the adaptor taper.

Restraining the wheel with one hand, continue tightening by striking the ears of the nut with a soft faced hammer or on later cars, tighten wheel nut with special wrench included with tool kit. Lower the wheel to the ground and finally tighten.

Failure to observe these precautions can result in the tapered faces binding causing premature tightening of the nut against the wheel outer taper and failure to clamp the wheel against the adaptor taper. Such condition would prevent the wheel from seating correctly and lead to damaged splines.

Truing Wire Wheels
This page tells how to make sure your wire wheels are true.