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Weber Information

There are two Weber Carbs that are popular with Spitfire owners; DGV and DCOE. Also available are DGEV (DGV with electric choke) and DGAV (DGV with water choke).

DCOE carbs are sidedraft, meaning air goes into the carb from the side as original SU's. DCOEs are higher horsepower carbs but do require much more tuning. Single or dual DCOEs are available for Spitfires.

DGV carbs are downdraft; air comes in from the top like the Zenith Stromberg carbs. Although they can not achive as high horsepower ratings, they are much easier to tune often requiring no modification straight out of the box.

See this link for photo examples of these carbs.

DotTeglerizer's Weber DCOE Pages
Paul Tegler built an exceptional page with huge amounts of info on choosing, installing and tuning Weber DCOE carbs. Also includes DGV info.

DotWeber DCOE Service Manual
Josh Bowler's pdf of the DCOE service manual

DotWeber DGV installation
Bob Owsinski's installation of a DGV Weber on his 76 Spit

DotWeber DGV Idle Setup
The page for general set the idle and idle mixture on DGV and DGAV Weber carbs. Not targeted to any specific model carb or car.

DotWeber DCOE Setup
The page for general set up on DCOE Weber carbs.

DotWeber Setup
The page for general set up Weber carbs. Not targeted to any specific model carb or car.

DotWeber DCOE Setup on TR2-4
Though targeted to TR2-4, great info.

DotWeber Carb Jetting Table
Jetting table for all major Weber carb models and the cars that got them

DotWeber DCOE Setup Page
Tuning theory of twin Weber DCOE or DCO/SP carburettors

DotWeber Carbs
Weber Tune ups from the Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

DotWeber Carb Identification Page
Views of many Webers to help identify which Weber you have.

DotWeber Carburetors: A Technical Primer
A basic, easy-to-understand introduction to the world of Weber

DotAdvanced Performance Technology
Sells parts for Weber and most British carbs

DotEmissions and Crankcase Ventilation
A study and fixes for emissions removal

DotOil blowing from Dipstick?
This page explains why and the fix when fitting DGV Weber carbs.