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Any email addresses submitted to Triumphspitfire.com, Spitfire & GT6 Magazine, MagazineMuseum.com and Profiles Marketing & Publishing Group will be kept private and are not sold or used for any purpose.

We will, in order to hold costs down, use email to contact you. An instance would be sending you a renewal reminder at the end of your subscription. Please do not opt out.

Any information submitted to Triumphspitfire.com, Spitfire & GT6 Magazine and Profiles Marketing & Publishing Group will be shared with other Spitfire & GT6 owners. By submitting, the owner/writer gives us the right to use the story on the website and magazine unless other arrangements are agreed upon by the owner/writer and us.
We regularly receive email from readers wishing to contact writers. Due to privacy concerns, it is our policy not to give out addresses without writers' permission. We will forward the message to the writer if possible. He can decide to contact the reader or not .

Online/phone Orders:
Credit Card numbers, email & "physical" addresses, and lists of items ordered online are never shared with non-staff or advertisers. Although "perfect security" does not exist on the internet, we believe submitting your credit card within our "For Sale" section is as safe as giving it out over the telephone.
Any credit card information taken over the telephone is immediately shredded after processing. We do not keep any numbers "on file".

Product Orders:
We will do our best to send any order within four business days from the day it is received using the most cost effective shipping methods (if a shipping method is not specified when ordered). In the rare instance an item is backordered and will not ship within 14 business days from order date we will contact you. At that time you will have the right to cancel the order or continue waiting.
Returns will be discussed on an individual basis.

If you have any questions concerning your privacy on our website or in the magazine, .