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To have your car featured on any of my photo pages and in the next Spitfire/GT6 Magazine, send prints to:

Spitfire & GT6 Magazine, P.O. Box 30806, Knoxville, TN USA 37930-0806
email a large jpegs to info@triumphspitfire.com


Mk1 & 2

Mk3 & IV

1500 (up to 1977)

1500 (1977-80)




Racers: both Spitfire and GT6

Spitfire Oddities

Fun Photos

Factory Side Stripe info

Decals and Badges

Other Stripes and Color Schemes

Appearance and Alternate Body Links
Links to other sites that deal with body alterations


TriumphSpitfire.com's Interior photo pages

MK3 Dash Diagrams
Diagrams of instruments, switches and controls.

Dash Related Links
Links to examples of other dashs with different wood or gauges


Firewall photos
Photos of various areas of the ignition system, relays, distributors, etc.


TriumphSpitfire.com's Engine photo pages
Photos of engine compartments in many states of tune for Spitfires and GT6's


VTR Spitfire Carburetor photos (outside link)
Photos of carbs fitted to Spitfires (SU, Zenith/Stromberg, Weber DCOE & DGAV)

Paul's DCOE Photos (outside link)
Also includes jetting information


TrumphSpitfire.com's Wheel photos
A list of many of the wheels that were, and still are available for our cars.

Aftermarket Wheel photos (outside link)
The French Spitfire Club's wheel page


SpitfireCentral, Koos Ridder and Niels Mulder's Restoration pages (outside link)
The restoration of a MkII and 1500 with thousands of photos of every step ot the process

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