Triumph Engine Numbers

Spitfires and GT6’s engine numbers are located on the distributor side at the back of the engine on a flat area between the head and block. see photo.

Engine No.
Prefix & compression rating
Engine SizeCar
BE948ccStandard 10
CCTR250 & TR6 (carb)
CFTR6 (carb)
CGTR7 UK/Eur 76-78
CLTR7 USA/Can 75-76
CP, CRTR5PI & TR6 (injection)
DG1296cc1300 Toledo
DH1296cc1300 Dolomite
DM1492cc1500 reconditioned engine if ESS suffix is used
DM1492cc1500 Toledo (Export)
DS1492cc1500 Toledo (Export)
FC (HE=9.0:1, LE= 7.0:1)1147ccSpitfire MkI
FC500011147ccSpitfire MkII
FD (HE=9.0:1, LE=7.5:1)1296ccSpitfire MkIII USA
FE (8.5:1 for emission controlled)1296ccSpitfire MkIII
FH (9.0:1)1296ccSpitfire MkIV
FK (8.0:1)1296ccSpitfire MkIV USA
FM (9:1-world, 7.5:1-US, 9:1-US in 1976)1492ccSpitfire 1500 (1973-80)
FL1492ccSpitfire MKIV/1500 Sweden
FP (9:1-world, 7.5:1-US, 9:1-US in 1976)1492cc1500 MG Midget (1975-79)
G948ccHerald 948 Saloon
GA (HE=8.0:1, LE= 6.8:1)1147cc1200 Herald Mk1 & Mk2, Herald Mk 2 Courier
GB1147cc1200 Herald Mk2 (Export)
GD (HE=8.5:1)1147cc1200, 12/50 Herald
GE (HE=8.5:1, LE= 7.5:1)1296ccHerald 13/60
GK1296ccHerald 13/60 Late
GY948ccHerald Twin-Carb Saloon
HB (HE=8.75:1, LE= 7.0:1)1596ccVitesse 6 (Sports 6)
HC (HE=9.5:1)1998ccVitesse 2 litre MkI
HC (HE=9.25:1)1998ccVitesse 2 litre Mk II (starting at HC50001)
KC (9.5:1)1996ccGT6 MkI, MkII (starting at KC50001)
KD (9.25:1)1996ccGT6 MkI, MkII (anti smog)
KE (9.25:1)1998ccGT6 MkIII
KF (8.0:1)1998ccGT6 MkIII USA
KG1998ccGT6 MkIII (Sweden)
MB1996cc2000 MkI
MG, MM, MN2495cc2500
ME or ML1996cc2000 MkII
RD or RF1296cc1300 Front Drive
WB1492cc1500 Front Drive
WF1850cc1850 Dolomite
Y948ccHerald 948 Coupe/Convertible
YB1492cc1500 Front Drive
YC1492cc1500 Rear Drive/Dolomite

GA, GB, GD engines are similar to Spitfire FC engines
GE, RD, RF engines are similar to Spitfire FD/FE engines
DG, DH, FL, GK engines are similar to Spitfire MkIV FH, FK engines.
WB, VB, YC, DM, DS, FP engines are similar to Spitfire 1500 engines
RD, RF engines are similar to GE, FD.

Engine Number Suffixes:

H=high compression
L=low compression
U=USA with pollution equipment
C=California (w/catalyst)
E=engine (probably added to avoid confusion between engine and commission numbers)

SS – (Factory) Supplied Spare/replacement or “Special Systems”
SK (Herald only) – probably similar meaning to the “SS” suffix used for Spitfires. According to factory shop manual: “from Oct. 1965, spares conditon of stripped engine units were identified by suffix letters HESK”
FRE or FR – Engine number suffix for “Factory Reconditioned Engine”. These engines often had its original number oblitterated by overstamping, usually with the letter ‘X’ and a special plate rivetted to the block on the vertical face of the boss which carried the original engine number. This identification plate was used on Standards and Triumphs from the mid 1950’s into the 1970’s and is equally applicable to the Standard 8 and 10 as it is to the TR6.
ES – Engine Spare. Some engines have been recorded with the suffix “ES”. It is believed that these are actually new engines supplied as warranty spares.

Racing Engine Numbers: “70X” is the “Works” (Factory) 1147cc with eight-port head, “79X” is the 1296cc version. The 70 and 79 refer to the displacement of the engines in cubic inches.

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