Aftermarket Tire/Wheel Information

Listed is the results of the October 2000 Quik Quiz. It should give an idea of sizes and brands of tires/wheels that will work on Spitfires and GT6’s.

Note: this page is not meant to recommend or discount a particular tire brand. EVERY listing on this page is one owner’s opinion only. The sizes are meant to give a GENERAL idea what will fit on a particular sized wheel or if (or how much) it rubs.

Also note that because a tire will fit a wheel, it may nor may not be the best choice for handling or safety. Triumph engineers made specific size recommendations based on many factors. Tire technology has made huge strides in the years after the cars were made. Tires grip much better than engineers ever imagined when your Spitfire was designed. What kind of effect does this increased grip have on a 30 year old car? Was your car’s suspension designed to withstand the higher cornering forces?

Information about factory wheels and tire sizes click here.

Category Notes:
The reason for this column is to get an idea HOW the driver uses his tires. If you use your Spitfire for cruising a race tire will have an uncomfortable ride and will be expensive. If you race, a “cruising tire” will hurt your lap times.

touring=car is used for relaxing cruising with rare or occasional hard cornering
sport=a balanced combination of cruising with often hard cornering or occasional autocross
racing=rarely, if ever, driven on public roads

Tire Brandmodelsizewheel size
categoryrubbing?buy again?comments
AuroraK103 TL195/50/156” x 15”*
touringnoyesA very good tyre and budget price
AvonZV1175/70 13“factory”
4.5 x 13
sportnoyesVery very very good…
AvonZV1175/70 134.5 x 13 *
(Superlite 3 piece modular )
sport/racingnoyesVery Light & good performance
AvonZV1195/45/156” x 15”*
(Compomotive ML 8 spoke)
sportnoyesvery good
BF GoodrichRadial T/A175/70-134.5 x 13touringnoyesGreat looking tread, very affordable upgrade with good handling and visual results
BF GoodrichRadial T/A175/70-135.5″ x 13sportyesmaybeOn a ’65 Spit they rub quite a bit in the front. Tires are awesome, but have chewed the edges pretty badly with the rubbing
BF Goodrichn/s185/70-135 x 13sportnoyeswheels are from a 79 Spit
BF GoodrichRadial T/A195/60 R135.5 x 13*
(brand n/s)
BF GoodrichRadial T/A205/605.5 x 13*
(brand n/s)
sportnoyesLooks awesome
BF GoodrichRadial T/A205/60 136.5* (Panasport)sportnoyesSlight front fender lip flare for clearance
BF GoodrichTarga155/70 134.5 x 13sportnoyesExcellent wearing tires, and they grip good too.
BF GoodrichTouring T/A175/70R1313×5.5J * (American Racing)touringnoyesGood all round road tire
BridgestonePotenza175/70/134.5 x 13*
sportnoyesThe wet braking is great, and the way they let you slide, but not out of control around corners is great!
(Cosmic alloy)
sportnoyeswheels are 28 yrs old
5.5 x 13 (GT6 option)
racingyesyesgreat for vintage racing
Ceat155×80 R13“factory”
4.5 x 13
CooperCobra Radial205/60/136 x 13*
sportnoyesonly rub on sway-bar under extreme parking maneuvers (full lock)
CooperCobra GT205/60/135.5 x 13*
(Western wheels)
sportnoyesrear only. 175/70’s in the front
CooperTrendsetter185/80/135.5 x 13*
(TR7 wheels)
touringyesyesEasy to correct minimal rubbing and gained (or lost) 450 rpm at 60 mph, is this a 12% “overdrive”? Easy to “chirp” tires into 2nd gear!!!
4.5 x 13
touringnomaybewhat is available in chrome in 13in beside wire wheels?
4.5 x 13
sportnomaybethese are so hard and the traction of these tires in water is not so perfect and the sides of tires are somewhat weak
CustomDeluxe155/80 R13“factory”
4.5 x 13
touringnomaybeI say maybe because they do give a good ride, but performance wise? like pulling shifting down to 2nd around a corner is not good at all with these tires 
Deluxe155/80 R13“factory”
4.5 x 13
touringnonoCheap, Cheap! Smaller contact patch than other 155’s I’ve seen. The very soft, thin tirewalls produce a comfortable ride; who wants a comfortable ride in a sportscar? 
Dunlopn/s160/80 14“factory”touringnoyesok
(U.S Mags)
touring/sportyesyescustom drilled to match original bolt circle.Modern styling 5 star. made in Mexico. Ordered from Discount tire Co. circa 1994. Soon to appear in Spitfire Magazine? (purple Spitfirossa).
DunlopGT Radial Qualifiers205 60 R13“factory”touringslightyesfantastic in the dry, slippery in the wet. A little wide looking for the rims
DunlopSP20 A/S155/13“factory”touringnoyes
DunlopSP20 A/S165/70 R13“factory”touringnoyesBritish cars should be shod with British, or at least European tyres.
sportyesnoThe tires are too close to the wheel lip openings, especially in the front. This makes tight cornering on anything other than a totally flat road a tire rubbing event!
DunlopSP40 a/sP175/SR-13“factory”touringnoyesSpitfire rims ARE Dunlop rims! Wouldn’t go any larger than 175’s!!
DunlopSP Sport 2000185/60R135.5 x 13*
(Dunlop 5.5″J Formula Ford)
touringnoyesGreat grip, no rubbing. will also fit 1″ lowered uprated springs in front. also slightly better acceleration due to the smaller diameter. Pressure 28lb rear, 26lb front.
DunlopSP Sport 8000195/55 147 x 14*
sport/racingyesyesRoll the front fenders, and get the necessary negative camber via the upper ball joint/a-arm location
DunlopSP Sport 9000225/40ZR1616×6.5 *
(Koenig Racing)
sport/racingnoyesAre you kidding? My cheeks are still stuck to the side windows.
Enduro 70Runway185/70 R13“factory”n/syesnoThey repel the road!
Euro TechMetric A/S185/70 R135 x 13*
sportyesyesRubs front with extreme turn, rubs rear with two people on a big bump
Falkenziex185/60H135 x 13*
(Minilite 8-spoke)
sportnoyesexcellent grip, wet or dry
Falkenziex185-70“factory”sportnoyesGot all four for fifty bucks at a salvage yard off a Fiat X19. Great sticky tread, good in rain, aggressive look!
FirestoneF570185/70R13“factory”touringyesmaybeLight weight, wide 6.6″ tread. low noise. Good dry/sand. Poor wet.
FirestoneF560 and F570185/60-135.5J x 13*
(mk4 style)
brand n/s
touringnoyesfitted onto a mk3 haven’t had any problems. 20psi front, 25psi rear seems ok.
FirestoneTriumphP 155/70 R135.5 x 13*
touringyesyeswanted tire that says “Triumph” on my Triumph!
Firestonen/sP 165/80 R13“factory”touringyesmaybeprefer a lower profile tire
Federaln/s185sr13“factory”touringyesmaybenothing special but cheap
GeneralAmeri TE175/70 R13“factory”touringnoyesn/s
General400SL175/70 R13“factory”sportnoyesn/s
GislavedSpeed175/70SR134.5 x 13sportnoyesAnyone know a supplier?
GoodyearAllergraP155/80 R13“factory”touringyesmaybeGreat Price, Good Tire.
GoodyearCorsa GT155/80 R13“factory”touringnomaybeThese tires slide a LOT due to sidewall rollover at factory recommended pressure, but are OK on the autocross when inflated to 40PSI. Next time will try 175/70 13.
GoodyearEagle Ventura185/60×13aftermarket
touringnoyesExcellent tyre but perhaps a little wide for the rim.
GoodyearEagle20x8x13aftermarketracingnoyesRacing Slick
GoodyearGran Prix S165×13 825J*
sportnonocan anyone tell me any other makes of European car which use a 14 inch wheel suitable for a Spitfire?
GoodyearGPS185/60 1414*
sportnoyescut uper control arms for right camber
GoodyearGT70175/70 135.5J x 13*
touringnomaybeTyres have been fitted for some time – the car has hardly been in use for 10 years! Tyres are probably obsolete, but grip pretty well. Wheels are steel, same pattern as Mk 4 Spitfire, with wider rims. As used on “Formula Ford” single seat race cars back in the 1970s. 
GoodyearTMetric175/65 134.5J x 13touringnomaybeno problems
GoodyearViva 2155/80R135 x 13*
sportnomaybeAll around good tires!!
GoodyearWingfoot HP185/70-135-1/2 x 13*
(American Racing Spector)
sportyesmaybeInexpensive tires, too “greasy” for autocrossing but fine for daily driving…
Goodyearn/s155/80 R134.5 x 13touringnomaybeTires were on car at purchase. I am replacing soon, hopefully with Michelin 155R13
Grand PrixRadial GT175/70SR136 x 13*
(brand n/s)
touringnonothe tyres the previous owner selected. They are in no way to be considered agressive. Any sort of spirited driving far exceed their limits. Admitedly this is a large contact patch for such a Spitfire but the compound is simply not up to the job.
HandcookVectis195/45 157 x 15*
(brand n/s)
racingnoyesHad the wheels cast and machined to the correct offset
HoosierR3320×8-136 x 13*
(American Racing)
racingnoyesgood grip, poor life
HoosierR45 Cantilever20×8-136 x 13*
racingnoyesNew R45 better than old R45 or old R33 – Kevlar belts
HoosierR4520x8x136 x 13*
racingnoyesSwitced from Goodyear to Hoosier in 2001, and will never go back to Goodyear. The Hoosiers like a little more camber, and a bit higher pressure, but the handling difference was notable. 
KumhoECSTA V700175/70 R 13“factory”
racingnoyesvery good autocross tire, if you calculate the real size from the width and section height they are 190-50-13. They are a bit pinched on the 4.5 inch rims and really should be mounted on 5 in or large rims. However they stick like glue in the corners and are great for autocrossing.
KumhoECSTA Supra 712185/55 R 14?x14*
sportnoyeshard to find tire only one that can get this size
Kumho771175/70 R 13“factory”
touringnoyesvery grippy and look good
Tire Brandmodelsizewheel size
categoryrubbing?buy again?comments
MichelinPilot Sport225/35ZR-179 X 17*
(brand n/s)
racingnoyesThese tyres are the best ever! A bit expensive at £160 ($230ish) but well worth every penny! They look mean, are great performers and have a very, very large contact surface (as you can imagine) buy them now! 
touringnomaybegood grip, ok price
touringnoyesgood all-around tire
MichelinMXL175/70-13 Frt 185/70-13 Rr5.5 x 13*
touring/sportnoyestire size is ideal for adequate ground clearance and cruising speed but the TR7 rims are very heavy
MichelinWheather Wise155/80R135 x 13*
(brand n/s)
touringnoyesGreat deal last summer. $50 rebate and $38 each (then the rebate) Good looking factory size tires. Run good
MichelinWheather Wise Sportn/s“factory”
(4.5 x 13)
sportnoyeslook good and meaty
MichelinWheather Wise Sport175-13“factory”sportnoyeslook good and meaty
MichelinX Metric all season175/70 13“factory”touringnoyeswork well for an every day driver. Fairly inexpensive at $45.00 each
MichelinX Metric all season175/70 135.5 x 13*
(American Racing)
sportnoyesI’ve run 185/60R13s, but I like the better highway gearing I get running the taller tires. The handling is better than the stock 155/80s, but not quite as good as the 60 series.
MichelinXLX155 SR13“factory”touringnoyesa great balance between inexpensive, roadholding and period looks
Nankangn/s185/60R135.5 x 13*
sportnoyesVery good “budget” brand from Yokohama. Good in both wet and dry
Nitton/s185/60R135.5 x 13*
sportnoyesreasonably priced, looks good on the Panasports
Cinturator P3155 SR13“factory”touringnoyesGreat balance of classic looks, low price and good grip. I do not know if they are still available.
PirelliP4165/70-13“factory”touringnonotire rollover at low presure,will go to 175/70 next
PirelliP4165SR13“factory”touringyesnoRubs in the rear of the GT over large dips
PirelliP400175/70-R135 x 13*
(Panasport Replicas)
sportnoyesVery quiet, Excellent grip, and really long tread life. I will buy another set for my ’79 Spit
PirelliP400 Touring175/70TR13“factory”tourningnoyesFantastic! Quitness & ride are 10 thousand % better than stock size Michelin ZX’s I’ve used for years! Like a new car!
racingnoyespirelli do not make them anymore. Must be careful not to blow out a tire
PirelliP2000185/60×146 x 14*
sportyesyesmodify wheel arches to minimize rubbing
PirelliP3000175/70×135.5 x 13*
sportnoyesFill up the fenders nicely with the 6J13 rear and 5,5J in front
PirelliP6000195/50/156J15 *
sportnoyesthese wheels are for the tr-7 application and have slightly larger diameter wheel lugs
PirelliP6000195/5015″ x 6″*
(OE MGF Alloys)
sportnoyesMGF Alloys a good fit, Tyres Very Good
Pep Boys Performance House Brand86S series 60205/60/135 X 13
sportsomeyesThe front lip needs to be rolled to fit with no rubbing. Great on dry pavement but light car big tire’s when wet, Slow Down!
(Pep Boys)
Radial GT205/60/135 X 13
sportno (on rear only)maybeSince these were on the rears only, rubbing was not an issue.
They look too wide for the wheels for my taste.
Roadstonen/s155/754.5 x 13touringnoyesexcellent for touring
SearsGuardsmen185/70 R13“factory”touringnoyesn/s
SearsRoadhandler175 R13“factory”touringnomaybefactory wheels and skinny tires always make the spitfire handle better; fat tires=spin out
SemperitSportlife195/55 13“factory”sportnoyesAs wide and as original as you can go on a Mk1,2,3, bodystyle car
SumitomoHTR100185/60 1313″ x 6″*
(Diamond Racing Wheels)
sportnoyesdiamond wheels make several wheels with our bolt pattern, affordable!!!
SumitomoHTR200195/60R135 X 13
sportnoyesGreat autocross tire
Sumitomon/s185-60hr146 X 14*
sportnoyesthe best to go 14 inch. A much better ride
Sumitomon/s205-60 136 X 13*
sportyesnoMuch too wide as the fender sliced the left front tire through to the cords on the first drive. The other three also rubbed as I have not “rolled” the inner lip of the wheel opening
Tire Americagt+4195/65-r1313×5*
(American Racing)
sportyesmaybeFront- rub inside when steering locked/ Rear- DON’T GO BACKWARDS WITH ANYTHING IN THE TRUNK– other than that great looking and sticky
Triumphn/s155/80 R13“factory”touringnonoreally really cheap tires
Wal MartGuardsman155/13“factory wire wheel”
4.5 X 13
touringnoyespencil white wall!
Wal MartUlyssesR155/80 R13 M&S“factory”
4.5 X 13
touringnoyescost $24.00 Cdn(=$16.00 A)
YokohamaA008RSII185/60-135.5 x 13*
sportnoyesExcellent dry grip; dicey when wet. Wear rate acceptable for moderate street use. Difficult tire to find anymore.
YokohamaA008175/50-135.5 x 13*
(American Racing)
sportnoyesCan’t get them anymore (darnit!)
YokohamaA509165/60HR-13“factory”sportnoyesHave previously used Dunlop, Goodyears, Hankook and Sime tires. Yokos give better grip in the wet than any of these did in the dry. Amazing. They are also very predictable and progressive on the limit.
YokohamaA520185/60HR-135.5 x13*
Revolution 4 Spoke
sportnoyesvery good in dry less understeer very good brake performance neutral handling, scary in the wet
YokohamaAO 32R175/60HR-136 x 13*
racingyesyesminor rubbing easily fixed; excellent on both wet and dry tracks
YokohamaAO 32R175/60/135.5 x13*
TR7 wheel
sportnoyestotally awesome. grip is astounding, cut 10% off lap times, Use car ocasionly in summer only and with light car tread wear acceptable for street use.
YokohamaAO 32R185/60 HR 1313 x 6J*
YokohamaAO 32R185/60 HR 136x13F 6.5x13R*
(Superlite Ultralite 3-piece)
racingnoyesYery Good
YokohamaAVS185/60-146 x 14*
sportnot after modificationyesVery good traction. Had to turn up the front fender lips for clearence
YokohamaAVSi185/60-135.5 x 13*
racingnoyesNo longer available from what I can tell
YokohamaA008185/60R135.5 x13*
racingnoyesDifficult to find now. Toyo radial can be used as replacement but must be shaved for racing
YokohamaA008RSII185/605.5 x13*
YokohamaH Rated175/70 HSR“factory”sportnoyesThis is my 4th set of these tires, & I love em. They work great in the rain too.
YokohamaH RatedP205/60R1414 x 6*
sportyesyesOnly trouble in the front. Could alleviate by rolling the inner fender welds or dropping down on tire height.
UniroyalRallye “280”155 SR 135J x 13 “factory 1980”touringnomaybeOriginal factory tires: 20% worn with 30K Km. Still contain factory air, also unused spare as new
UniroyalTiger Paw165-13“factory”touringnoyesn/s
UniroyalTiger Paw165-13“factory”touringnoyesExcellent in wet weather, good smooth ride
UniroyalTiger Paw GTS rwl185/70frt
13 x 5.5*
Opel GT rims
sportnoyesNice handling, crisp response, even rolling, sure feeling, very appealing looks
ViperTR195/60“factory”sportnoyesGood Price/Holds the Road

n/s is information not supplied by submitter


This is a visual comparison between 155 SR 13, 155/80 R13 and 205/70 R13 tires on my car and parts car. All tires are mounted on stock 4.5″ wide Spitfire wheels.
All my measurements were “eyeballed” with a tape measure and not exact but should give an general idea.

tire brandsizetread widthtire widthsidewall heightdiameter
Pirelli Cinturator P3155SR134.25″6.25″4″22″
Deluxe Custom155/80 R13 R+S4″6″4″22.5″
Performance Radial GTH205/60 R136.5″8″4″22″

Size: the size stated on the sidewall
Tread width: the width of the contact patch
Tire width: the overall width at its widest point
Sidewall height: the distance between the edge of the tire and the edge of the rim
Diameter: the width measured from the front of the tire to the rear

Thoughts (my opinions): The Deluxe tires are very thin in both looks and handling with very soft sidewall. They are a little too “toy like”.

The Pirelli is a good balance between period looks, low price and decent handling. They look like the belong on the car.

The Performance Radials just look too wide to me. Sure they grip well (in the dry) but the also rub in the front and slightly on the rear.