Top 10 Problems

1. Overdrive
I get so many questions from people with overdrive problems that I am dedicating a full page to it.

2. Universal/Drive Joints (general wear)

3. Seat Frames (breaking)

4. Electrical (poor grounding especially at head light switch and connections at tail lights)

5. Trunnions (general wear)

6. Crankshaft Thrust Washers (falling out and general wear). 

7. Body Rust

8. Rear Spring Sag
Over time the rear spring relaxes especially on the drive’s side.

9. Hydraulic Leaks/Age
Rubber seals in the braking and clutch system rot with age. Also, rust that has formed from lack of fluid changes can tear seals, score pistons in master & slave cylinders and wheel cylinders, and pistons in the front calipers.

10. Carburetors
Another subject I have received many questions about.