Tapered Dog Teeth (Gearbox)- GT-6 Plus and TR-6

May, 1970

GT-6 Plus: Tapered Dog teeth replaced thinned dog teeth on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Top speed gears and sleeves at Gearbox # KC 19022.

NOTE: The following new details are not interchangeable with those which the supersede.

1152741Gear, 1st Speed
1518312Sleeve Assembly, Synchro and Operating 1st, 2nd, and reverse gears
1152743Gear, 2nd Speed
1153644Gear, 3rd Speed (35° Helix)
1518311Sleeve Assembly, synchro and operating 3rd and top gears
1216328Constants Pinion Shaft (35° Helix)
1213527Cluster Gear

TR-6: At gearbox # CD 20282 a similar modification was carried out to the TR-6 gearbox.

NOTE: The following new details are not interechangeable with those which they supersede.

1216245Mainshaft (Overdrive only)
1152770Gear, 1st Speed
1152771Gear, 2nd Speed
1152772Gear, 3rd Speed
1216044Constant Pinion Shaft
1150989Needle Roller Bearing
1142434Constant Gear