Spitfire & GT6 Back Issues

Issue 1
Brand new Spitfire?
Clear View on the World
Slave Cylinder Replacement
Issue 2
Engine Modifications: Squeezing Out More Power
Engine Swaps
Spitfires on the Track
Issue 3
Engine Swap: Electric Spitfire
Confessions of a Triumphaholic
Auto Shows
Issue 4
Engine Swap: 4×4 Spitfire
Building a “SpitCat”
British Car Shows
Tech Tips
Issue 5
The Most Successful Car Company Ever
Interview with Bob Tullius
Building a “SpitCat”
Reader’s Cars
Tech Tips
Issue 6
North Amercian Spitfire Squadron’s First Annual “Spit-Together”
Spitfire Magazine’s GT6 Giveaway
Building a “SpitCat”
Tech Tips
Issue 7
Fun with Dick and Val: Adventures in their 1964 Spitfire
Building a “SpitCat” Part 4
The Macao Spitfire
Tech Tips
Issue 8
Readers Cars
Readers Survey
Miniature Spitfires
Spitcat: Part 5
On the Track
Tech Tips
Issue 9
NASS Spit-Together II
Kentucky to Canada
SpitCat Part 6
Issue 10
Going topless in Seattle
Warner Brothers Recording Artist is “Finding Faith”
Bermuda’s Only Spitfire
Issue 11
The Racing Spitfires – A History of Early Factory Racing Efforts
Don’t Race That Car!
Smitty’s Revenge
Issue 12
All in the Family
Two Spits in the Desert
Issue 13
Spitfires at Mosport
West Coast Spit-Together
The “Mugello” Spitfires
Issue 14
The Triumph Herald
Rick Gibson’s RXSpit
Issue 15
Making Spitfire Memories
Caveat Emptor et Venditor
That Autocross Car of Mine
The Forgotten Relative
Floor & Sil Installation
How to: Fibreglass Trans Tunnel
79-80 Spitfire Cooling
Distributor-less Programmable Ignition
Issue 16
Making Spitfire Memories
Caveat Emptor et Venditor
That Autocross Car of Mine
The Forgotten Relative
Floor & Sil Installation
How to: Fibreglass Trans Tunnel
79-80 Spitfire Cooling
Distributor-less Programmable Ignition
Issue 17
Go Granny Go!
Book Review: Kastner’s Prep Handbook
Three Lives of Little Red Fox
A New Year at Our Dealership
Give your Bonnet a Lift
Get a Lift in your Boot
Triumphest 2004
Pensacola British Beach Bash
NASS Central Region Spit-Together ’04
History Lesson: MkII Rolls Out the Competition
Issue 18
History Lesson: MKIII A New Smile & Ready to Fight
Stranded on an Island – ’65 Spitfire4 Mk2
Project Car – ’70 Spitfire Mk3
Cursed or Crazy ’69 Spitfire Mk3
Memories ’68 Spitfire Mk3
Trials & Tribulations ’70 Spitfire Mk3 and many more!
Issue 19
History Lesson: GT6 MKI – LeMans Styling with a 6 Cylinder Engine
You Had Me : ’68 GT6 Mk1
VJD 290G – ’69 GT6 Mk2
Biggest Mistake – ’68 GT6 Mk1
Blue For You – 68 GT6+
TR Sports Cars – ’67 GT6 Mk1
4 Year Recap – 68 GT6 Mk1
Review – Kastner’s New Book
Tech – Camber Compensator
Tech – Ford Transmission Swap
Tech – Improved Radiator
Issue 20
History Lesson GT6+/Mk2 More Sting in the Engine, More Cling in the Tail!
Mid-Life Crisis – 70 GT6+
Casper & Razz – 70 GT6+
Loetschen Valley Weekend
NASS- Michigan Wing Fling
College Dream – 70 GT6+
Blown & Injected = 72 GT6 Mk3
Tech – Choosing a Welder
Tech – Toyota Transmission
Issue 21
History Lesson: GT6 Mk3 The last of its kind
73 GT6 – Sweet Little Fastback Coupe
73 GT6 – I Can Too!
73 GT6 – KF20461U
79 Spit – Spit Becomes School Project
American British Reliability Run
Toronto British Car Day
Eastwood Rust Dissolver Revie: and more..
Issue 22
History Lesson: Spitfire MkIV – A new body style
6900 Miles in a Spitfire
The Ultimate Spitfire Tech Session
Tech • PRi’s Quad Carbs & 4 – 1 Header
Issue 23
History Lesson: Introducing the Spitfire 1500
15,000 Mile /48 Capital Tour in a Spitfire • Part 1
Swiss Spitfire Club Members
Travel to Ticino
Tech Installing Electric Fans
From Spitfires to Hell’s Fire!
The Rebirth of a Roadster
Issue 24
History Lesson: The last of the factory Spitfires
Life. Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Taming “The Dragon”
15.000 Mile / 48 Capital Tour in a Spitfire – Part 2
Tech – Waist Seal Replacement
My Parents Spitfire
2006 VTR National – Texas
Issue 25
The Spit6 – What is it? Did Triumph build it?
A Spit6 Friendship
15,000 Mile / 48 Capital Tour in a Spitfire – Part3
Hog Wallow Kentucky
NASS in Louisville
Canadian Spit6
Fuel Injected Spit6
Issue 26
Spitfire V8 – That can fit under the Bonnet?
Miracle of the Spitfire
Custom Wooden Wheel
Issue 27
Vintage LeMans Spitfire
Vintage Spitfire/GT6 Racing
Spitfire Owner In Ferrari Pits
Windscreen Trim
British Car Day -Toronto
Issue 28
Spitfires Land In Blue Angels Territory
Spitfire/GT6 Autocross
Driving to the Gulf
From the Captions
Tech: Overheating
Crossin’ Murphy
Issue 29
Triumph Stag, Spitfires Big Brother
Junkvard Treasures
Like Father, Like Son
Tech: Chrome Conversion
NASS in Cincinnati
Converted to Chrome
Issue 30
The Tradition Continues
Love at First Sight
LIT Bit Gets a Facellit
Tech: Substitute Parts
Issue 31
Bye Bye Bertha
Megajolt Installation
Gear Reduction Starter
Radio Replacement
Roller Rockers
Issue 32
In the Other Stall
Saga of the Little Green Hornet
Engine Rebuild
Issue 33
Power Boost
TECH: Miata Powered Spit
SPIT TECH: Magic Buttons
Issue 34
VDCA’s 2010 Winter Games in Atlanta
What’s in your Garage?
Long Term Project, Part 2
In The Other Stall – Mini Cooper
Tech: Brake Upgrade
Tech: Bosch Alternator
Issue 35
What’s In Your Garage
Before & After o In The Other Stall
Tech: Hot Feet
Tech: Motor Mounts
Issue 36
Factory Fresh Spitfire
Dad, Me & Alex.
What’s In Your Garage
Tech: Vapor Lock
Issue 37
French Blue Spit6
Alex’s Dream
Texas Triumph
Tech: New Engine Start-Up
Tech: Overdrive Tips
Tech: Thrustwashers
Issue 38
Spil to GT6 Conversion
British Carrots
Tech: Tips for Tops
Tech: Rear Wheel Bearings
Issue 39
Two Survivors Together
A Triumph Tribute
Tech Renewed Parcel Tray
A Big Triumph
Clubs: Inspiration
Clubs: Project Ilene Pt. 1
Issue 40
Hooked on Sports Cars
Tech: Trip Odometer Reset
Clubs: Project Ilene Pt. 2
Issue 41
50 Years of Spitfires
Issue 42
The Mitty
Driving Grace
Club Scene: Vintage Standard
Tech: Shock Exchange
Issue 43
Drive Away Cancer
Ginger Snaps
Little Car Museum
Club Scene: Zionsville
Issue 44
The Legend Lives On
Galveston VIR yUp In Smoke
On The Track Race Tax
Issue 45
Spitfire Beer Run
Kastner Cup 2013
VDCA Season Finale
Issue 46
Track Transports, Then and Now Part 1
The Other Side of the Pond
On the Track, In the Pits
Issue 47
Kas Kaster’s Take on the Macau Spitfire
Track Transports- Robert MacKenzie
Midlife Crisis- James Jennings
Discussing an Icon with an Icon @Kastner Cup 2014
Life and Times- Kirk Lockwood
VDCA’s Hurricane in Savannah
Macau Tribute Build- Russell Pierce
Issue 48
Track Transports, Then and Now Steve Knoll on Group 44
Club Scene
On the Track
Issue 49
The Kastner Cup 2015
Reader Rides
Club Scene
On the Track