Twin Contact Breaker Ignition Distributor Noise- Triumph Stag

September, 1974

A probable cause for complaint of ignition distributor noise on Stag models is excessive clearance between the contact breaker mounting platform and the lugs of the distributor base plate.

The retaining lugs (arrowed) are part of the base plate and are located adjacent to each of the three base plate fixing screw holes. Noise from this source can be overcome as follows:

1. Remove the complete base plate assembly from the distributor.

2. With a feeler gauge check the gap between each retaining lug and the top surface of the contact breaker mounting platform (as illustrated). The gap should not exceed 0.002 in.

3. To reset the lugs, rotate the contact breaker platform until the Nylon pads in the platform are in line with the retaining lugs. With pliers lightly bend the end of each retaining lug until all three make contact with the contact breaker platform surface.

4. After resetting the lugs check that the contact breaker platform is free to rotate within the limits of the vacuum unit locating pin slot.

5. Re-assemble the base plate assembly into distributor body and ensure the vacuum unit is reconnected.