Recall Campaign A.414 Head Lamp Centres- Triumph TR-6 All 1969, 70 & 71 Models

October, 1971

There is a possibility a number of TR-6 Models manufactured between 1969 through 1971 did not comply with the minimum head lamp height requirements of Federal Regulation FMVSS-108, which applies to new vehicles.

All new TR-6 Models in dealer stock must be checked immediately and modified if necessary.

Any vehicle which does not meet the head lamp height requirement must not be retailed until modified parts are fitted.


1. Ensure car is parked on level surface.
2. Check and adjust tire pressures to:-

Front20 PSI
Rear24 PSI

3. Fill gas tank if practically possible, or place additional weights in trunk to simulate a full tank.One U.S. gallon of gas equals eight lbs.
4. Measure from the centre of the head lamp glass to the ground.
5. If the measurement is 24″ or over attach a self adhesive label (quantity supplied with this Bulletin) to the left hand inner fender valence, next to the emission data plate, marked as below:


If the measurement is under 24″ two of the four (1 per side) rubber packing pieces, Part #10075, top or bottom of the front coil springs must be replaced with two thicker pieces, Part #158910, as follows:-

      • 1. Jack up front of vehicle. 
      • 2. Place jack stands under chassis member. 
      • 3. Remove wheel. 
      • 4. Remove damper. 
      • 5. Place third jack stand under hub (suitably padded). 
      • 6. Position jack with wooded block under spring seat. 
      • 7. Remove spring seat securing nuts and bolts plus innermost stud on lower front suspension arm. 
      • 8. Lower jack with spring. 
      • 9. Discard one rubber packing piece and fit one new piece, Part # 158910, to either top or bottom of the spring. 
      • 10. Reassemble in reverse order. 
      • 11. Repeat on other side. 
      • 12. Align head lamps. 
      • 13. Affix label “A.414” marked as below


      Dealers are advised to order packing pieces Part # 158910 from their Distributor based on the number of new vehicles in stock requiring modification, plus a quantity for customers responding to the recall notice. Distributors are being supplied parts based on regional sales percentages therefore every effort will be made to meet your requirements.

      Wholesale Deliveries

      All new vehicles recieved from your Distributor after October 18 will have been checked and should display label “A.414”. Check with your Distributor’s Service Manager if this is not the case.

      Cars Previously Retailed

      Certified mailing to all recorded owners of TR-6 Models will commerce November 1 (Sample letter below). Confirm that the vehicle has not been already checked by your Distributor (label A.414), and then proceed as above and submit claims accordingly.

      Warranty Claims

      Triumph Bulletin 71-G-26 explains the use of warranty summary claim form WAR.51 which will be supplied from your Distributor and can be used for this campaign.

      Model CodeModelCampaign #
      Condition CodeDescriptionPartsLabour
      ATCheck OnlyNone0.3 Hrs.
      AWCheck and Replace2 off 1589103.0 Hrs.

      Individual claims using the standard form WAR.15 will be accepted providing campaign #A.414 is entered in box 22 (Description and Fault), and the remainder of the form completed in the normal way.