Rear Wheel Camber-Triumph TR6

January, 1975

The correct rear wheel camber on the TR6 in the laden condition, (approximately 150 lbs. in both front seats) is 1 degree negative plus or minus 1/2 degree. Ocasionally however, this will increase dependent upon the loading of the vehicle, and should not be considered incorrect under these conditions.

Should this camber figure increase due to spring settlement, it can in most cases be corrected by the installation of an aluminumpacking piece available through your Distributor under Part No. HAC 104. This packing piece can be installed on the underside of the rear spring between and insulation rubber.

Note:- These packing pieces should be fitted in pairs only, one to each side of the vehicle.

The procedure for installation is covered in the Workshop Manual, Operation No. 64-20-01 under the heading Rear Spring – Remove and Refit.