Inhibitor Switch (Borg Warner Transmission)- Stag

October, 1972

Borg Warner introduced a new inhibitor switch earlier this year. Unlike the previous switch, the new one is self-adjusting; the switch operating plunger being set automatically as the switch is installed in the transmission case.

Instances have been reported of the new inhibitor switch failing to operate when fitted. To avoid this, it is recommended that a check is made prior to installation to ensure that the end of the plunger extends from the threaded portion of the switch by 9/16″.

Where extension of the plunger is less than this amount, it is a must that it be reset to the required distance as follows:

To do this, depress the plunger and allow it to return quickly under spring pressure. By repeating this procedure, the plunger can be gradually extended from the switch body to the required dimension.

Note: Pulling out the plunger beyond 9/16″ will cause damage to the plunger and render the switch inoperable.

14.3 mm.
0.56 in.

Part numbers of the two inhibitor switches are:

Manual AdjustmentSelf-adjusting