Hood Stay Modifications- TR7

August, 1975

A simple modification of the TR7 hood stay should be performed (a) to all vehicles which have been retailed, during the next convenient service (b) to all vehicles in dealer stock.

The modification consists of removing the existing hood stay and replacing it with hood stay kit, Pert # RTC-2119, details of which are as follows:

1. Drill a 1/2″ hole on the inner face of the suspension turret to dimensions shown in Fig. 1, and install the TUCKER EYELET by using a 1/4″ U.N.F. by 1 1/4″ long bolt and plain washer (not supplied), and inserting a small open end wrench between the face of the eyelet and the plain washer. Tighten the bolt, this will collapse and anchor the Tucker Eyelet in place.

2. Drill two 1/8″ holes to the underside of the hood as shown in Fig. 2, and attach the hood stay using the two self-tapping screws and shakeproof washers supplied.

3. Fit the lower end of the hood stay to the suspension turret, Fig. 3 in the following order.

Warranty claims for this operation will be accepted as follows:

Description of work- Install Hood Stay Modification- Time Allowance- 00.35 hours.

The Hood Stay Kit, Part # RTC-2119 is available from your distributor.