Constant Pinion & Main Shafts – TR-6

May, 1970

The TR-6 gearbox mainshaft spigot was lengthened at gearbox # CD 21769; similarly, the constant pinion shaft spigot recess was increased in depth to accomodate the longer mainshaft spigot.

This modification facilitates assembly by enabling the mainshaft to be located in the constant pinion spigot bearing, prior to the mainshaft ball race entering the gearbox casing.

Since fitting the previous mainshaft to the current constant pinion will not allow correct location of the mainshaft, interchangeability is affected. The reverse procedure of fitting a current mainshaft to the previous pinion, whilst allowing complete gear box assembly, will result in excessive end float of the constant pinion needle bearing. Therefore, it is essential for gearboxes prior and subsequent to the numbers quoted to be serviced to their respective specification, or alternatively, with matching mainshafts and constant pinions.

The constant pinion needle bearing remains unchanged.

Fitted from Gearbox # CD 20282 up to Gearbox # CD 21768
Fitted from Gearbox # CD 21769