Campaign Number CCL693- TR-6

May, 1970

Serial Numbers Affected:CC 50958 to CC 52453

It has been determined that the rear reflex reflector lens on a limited number of the TR-6 vehicles manufactured during January and February, 1970, does not meet class “A” requirements. The affected range of cars are being recalled to have additional reflectors fitted.

A warranty time of 0.50 hours per car will be allowed. Please insure that the campaign number – CCL693 – appears in the appropriate space on the claim form.

A copy of an invitation to all owners of cars within the serial numbers affected appears on the reverse side of this bulletin.

Dear Triumph Owner:

Under the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 (Public Law 89-563), we wish to advise you of a recall affecting your Triumph TR-6.

The recall involves a simple installation by your dealer, at no charge to you, of two rear reflex reflector assemblies. These two reflectors are fitted on the rear of the vehicle between the bumper and the rear lamp assembly.

The rear lamp fitted to your TR-6 was designed to meet the current Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and incorporates a reflex reflector. Subsequent routine optical testing carried out on behalf of our supplier, has shown that some lamps may not meet the Safety Standards in effect on January, 1 1970. We are, therefore, asking your cooperation to make your vehicle available for the installation of these reflectors, thereby insuring that your vehicle is in compliance with the government’s regulations.