Batteries- All

Extra special efforts have been made at the factory and distributor levels to insure that dealers receive cars with freshly changed batteries.

It should be clearly understood that it is a MANDITORY condition of sale to provide a new car purchaser with a fully charged batt at the outset; and any battery, regardless of make, requires a refresher charge subsequent to periods of standing.

It is therefore incumbent upon dealers to check the battery condition immediately upon reciept of any new vehicles; and, in order to meet the above conditions, the following procedures must be conducted to insure that batteries may be given the chance to acheive full, trouble-free expectancy:

Battery Replacement

1. Any battery found with a specific gravity of 1.130 or less at 60°F (15.5°C) should be replaced with a new battery of the same make; and a warranty claim is to be submitted without any formalities such as prior authorization, etc.

2. The displaced unit is to be properly tagged for identification and held for distributor disposition.

3. Please note that the warranty claim should be submitted immediately; or, at the latest, within two weeks of reciept of the new vehicle at your dealership.

Recharging Procedure

All batteries not in the above category (Example- specific gravity of 1.135 or higher) must be given a refresher charge in accordance with the following specifications:

*1. recharge at recommended rate (attached) for not less than 24 hours and not more than 48 hours.

2. Recheck specific gravity. If it is still below 1.135, replace with new battery and submit claim as above.

3. Repeat recharge procedure at subsequent four weekly intervals up to the point of retail of the vehicle.

Once the vehicle is put into service, warranty claims for batteries will only be accepted for tangible manufacturing defects and dependent on properly recorded 3,000 mile/3- month period lubrication battery overcheck service.

We are confident that the above procedure, if carried out, will substantially reduce the incidence of battery problems which tou may have experienced previously; and, for this reason, your full cooperation is requested.

* Fast Chargers- Boost Chargers Should Under No Circumstances Be Used.