Spitfire 4 (Mk1) Options and Changes

Spitfire 4 (Mk I)yearchanges from previous modelnew optionsnumber madecom #body #engine #
Oct. 62see options below45753FC1- about 1560*1FCFC
1964 (to Dec. 64)wire wheels, hardtop, O/D transmission availableFC22700-45753

* I do not have exact numbers so these are estimates

Spitfire 4 (Mk I) changesafter commission #
FC1876frictionless propeller shaft changed to “regular” type
FC2393a rubber seal now fitted between dust shield and caliper mounting bracket
FC2449pistons upgraded to stronger & lighter solid-skirt type
FC2604metal clips go to plastic for holding on badges
FC3200-FC5588a small batch of rear springs (made by Cocker) gave incorrect rear wheel camber
FC3214-FC39528front spring spacer (springs arrived at factory 3/8″ short and spacer was used to correct ride height)
FC5463B-post: wing ridge (vertical moved back appox. 1″ from door opening
FC8274a moulded rubber hose replaced the canvas hose between the heater water valve at the bulkhead and the cylinder block
FC8779door seal changed from double (one fabric, one rubber) to single. Seal colors changed from interior colors to black only
FC5964air box area revisions (under bonnet): speedo and tach cables’ come out of air box instead of out of trans cover, new washer bottle (Tudor) & bracket changed to single bolt strap type, drain pipe replaced with rubber flap
FC14196Rear bumper mounting: Upper mounting bracket replaced with bolt & tubular spacer. Lower mounting bracket now attaches to frame underneath not through body.
FC15089grey rubber floor mats & shift gaiter changed to black rubber
FC15576new vertical link and tie rod lever redesigned to accept the new disk brakes
FC16570long stem rear view mirror chanded to short stem, rigid version
FC171366.25″ coil spring clutch changed to 6.5″
FC18814B-post cap enlarged to fill area left by shortened trim
FC20029different wiper motor and wiper blades
FC20061flywheel bolts and tab washers were replaced with self locking “place” bolts
FC20753millboard engine valances fitted
FC21927gear shift bushing (at base) changed to reduce metal to metal contact
FC26303temp sending unit changed
FC28017modified exhaust mounting
FC30192connecting rod material changed from 40 to 45 ton steel. Tab washers (beneath the big end bolts) removed and self-locking “place” bolts used.
FC37878improved front trunnion seals
FC39925header cooling tank removed due to overcooling
FC40531wire guaze air filters changed to exposed paper filters
Spitfire 4 (Mk I) changesat date
August 63differential drain plug deleted
*Options (dealer)optionprice (1962)
base price£530
Reversing light£3 3s 9d
Seat belts (2 point)?
Badge bar£3 0s 0d
Boot rack?
Cigarette lighter?
Continental touring kit?
Bonnet lock kit£1 15s 0d
Wing mirrors (Magnetex D-type)£1 7s 6d
Wheel trim£0 17s 6d
Hub cap removal tool?
Spot lamp kit (4″ 50W sealed beam)?
Fog lamp kit (4″ sealed beam)?
Touch -up paints (spray and pencil)?
Engine bay valance kit?
Tow bar kit (C.P. Witter)?
Whitewall tyres (4-ply)£6 0s 10d
Sun visors?
Heater kit?
Wire wheels?
Chrome plated rocker cover?
*Options (special order)optionprice (1962)
Interim Performance Package?
Stage I Performance Package
(downdraft Solex, revised intake & exhaust manifold)
Stage II Performance Package
(8 port head, larger inlet valves, twin 40 DCOE Webers, 4-branch exhaust manifold, dual silencers, high-lift cam)
Skid plate?
Competition Rear Spring?
Steering Column Lock?
Brake Master Cylinder extention?
Ignition Coil-7V cold start?
Starter Solenoid?
Tail Light Fuse?
Door trim with carpet kick pad?
Laminated windscreen£7 11s 0d
Tonneau cover and fittings (black or white)£10 17s 6d
Carpet set (smoke grey w/black mottle)?
Leather seats (red, blue, black)?