GT6 Mk 1 Options and Changes

GT6 Mk Iyearchanges from previous modelnumber madecom #body #engine #
July 1966.
Not available in UK until Jan. 67
Sept. 68
GT6 Mk I changesafter commission #
KC1040seat belt mounting location moved forward, handbrake cable now passes through a metal tube not rubber grommet
KC3762reverse light switch moved inside the gearbox
KC4232bonnet stay was attached to a bracket welded to the suspension turret (earlier attaced to a bolted on bracket)
KC4799door locks changed to double-entry key
KC5000stronger crank shaft, main bearings all the same width (two thinner middle bearings were fitted before), fuel pump top changed from glass to metal
KC7279rear brake wheel cylinders reduced from 3/4″ to 5/8″
KC11503green igniton leads (straight connectors) replace black (right-angled connectors)
KC21737door locks made stronger
*GT6 Mk I notesitem
hornstwo types were fitted: Lucus and Hooter
air filter boxtwo differerant boxes were fitted: early with short ribbing and long on later cars, in the beginning all were painted black
oil filtertwo brands were fitted: AC Delco has a smooth bowl and was painted silver. Purolator was painted light blue and had ribs
clutch master cylindersame as the Spitfire Mk2
push rod tubestubes on exterior of head were not painted engine black
dash padthe GT6 didn’t use the Spit Mk2 dash because the speedo/tach were in front of driver, it used what would become the Mk4’s dash
dashthe GT6 used Smiths instead of Jaeger instruments with orange needles
passenger footwella steel panel was fitted to the passenger footwell that acted as a footrest
carpetthe gearshift gaiter was sewn in unlike the Mk2 Spit (late Mk3 was sewn in)
doorsinterior light switchs were fitted to both doors (from the Herald), door panel had horizonal ribs and a kick panel that ran the length of the door, door pull added (from MGB), an additional rubber gasket was added to the sill at the outside
seatsseats were buckets based on rally seats
steering columnthe light stalk 3 positions : side, main and bright
*Options (dealer)optionprice (1966)
Base Price£800
Windscreen anti-frost shield?
Bonnet lock?
‘Powerstop’ brake servo kit?
Cigarette lighter and bracket?
Fire extinguisher?
Fuel tank filter?
Luggage strap (leather strap)?
Wing mirrors?
Triumph motif mud flaps?
Seat belts
-two point fixings up to KC 1040
-three point fixings after KC 1040
£7 19s 9d
Sill protectors?
Wire wheels
-eared spinners up to KC 7875
-hex spinners from KC 7876
Continental touring kit?
Hub cap medallion?
Oil cooler kit-from KC 5001 only?
Tow rope and luggage rack strap?
Tow bar?
Roof rack?
Emergency windscreen?
Fog lamp-‘Styla’ iodine quartz-grille mounted?
Spot lamp-‘Styla’ iodine quartz-grille mounted?
Electric defroster?
Heated rear window?
Wooden steering wheel?
Steering wheel glove-brown leather?
Steering wheel glove-simulated brown leather?
Single-gauge instrument mounting panel?
Double-gauge instrument mounting panel?
Safety warning triangle?
‘Plugmaster’ spark plug spanner?
‘Level Master’ wheelbrace?
Touch-in paints?
Radio-Smiths Radiomobile?
*Options (special order)optionprice (1964)
Overdrive£58 7s 8d
Leather seats?
Leather trim?
Skid plate?
Front upper ball joint with grease nipple?
Track rod end with grease nipple?
Competition brake pads and shoes?
Laminated windscreen?
Heater kit£13 10s 5d
Steering column lock?