GT6 Mk 3 Options and Changes

GT6 Mk 3YearChanges from previous modelnumber madecom #body #engine #
Oct 1970Exterior: restyled nose and tail, badges changed, British Leyland “house badges” were fitted next to bonnet catches, rubber mud flaps were fitted inside front fenders (like Spitfire), same commission badge as Mk4 Spit, more upright windshield position allowing more headroom, chrome finishing strip around windshield becomes wider, gas filler moved to left rear fender, air vent above rear fenders lengthened, wheels changed to silver painted 13×5.5″ with chrome metal wheel center cap, dual exhaust pipes, rear window heating elements now went horizonally
Interior: flush door handles inside and out, ignition switch moved to steering column below dash, heater slide positions of hot & cold were reversed, shift gaiter sewn on and chrome ferrule, restyled hand brake grip, transmisson tunnel pads simplified, knee pads available in all trim colors, tire pressure plate (US only up to KE20000) fitted to right side B post, seat forward adjustment moved to front, new seat belt catches, simplified sun visor mounting,
Engine: black plastic pipes added to duct air into air filter box, revised throttle cable placement, light yellow cooling fan (non US), sealed for life waterpump, protective shield added to front of alternator, Lucus & Exide batterys were fitted (each had different holding brackets), valve cover redesigned to use revised crankcase ventilation, Delco Remy D204 distributor,
71KE101- KE2883
72KE10001- KE13453
(last car in Feb.)
16 ARC alternator, ballast resistor deleted (resisitive wiring used)KE20001- KE22733
GT6 Mk 3 changesafter commission #
KE10001 (1972)lower compression cylinder head (from 2000 Saloon), 9:1 domed pistons, milder cam, longer push rods,
KE11829overdrive inhibitor switch and bracket changed
KE12389brake calipers revised to accept metric fittings (painted black)
KE20000 (Feb. 73)Roflex out-swing spring in, Girling brake servo added, cloth seats, new steering wheel (from TR6), revised instruments, wood dash used slightly darker wood, temp/fuel guages needles point up, speedometer had all numbers, tach showed redline from 6-7K, eyeball vents get chrome edges, black sun visors, stiffer rear spring, thicker front sway bar, new mounting brackets were fitted to the steering rack, brake master cylinder bore increased from 11/16 to 3/4″, rear wheel cylinder bore increased from 11/16 to 7/8″, wider brake drums, self adjusting brakes
*Options (dealer)optionprice
Base Price£1002
Wooden gear knob?
Headlamp converter mask (Lucas)?
Occasional rear seat?
Continental touring kit?
Tow bar?
Oil cooler?
Wire wheels-bolt-on£47.50
Head-rests-from KC 20000 only?
Luggage straps?
Radio installation with parcel shelf speakers (AM)1968-$80
*Options (special order)optionprice
Overdrive kit, not including differential and speedo£68.75
Air conditioning1968-$370
Skid plate?
Track rod ends fitted with grease nipple?
Front upper ball joint with grease nipple?
Laminated windscreen£8.75
Leather trim panels-up to KE 20000 only?
Leather seats?
Sundym glass-standard after KE 20000?