GT6 Mk 2 Options and Changes

Mk 2yearchanges from previous modelnumber madecom #body #engine #
July 68Engine: new cylinder head, new intake/exhaust manifolds, hotter cam, cam cover painted silver (not chrome), larger push rod diameter, new crank with larger bearings, yellow plastic fan, air filter box had raised lettering, Lucus ACR alternator, bulkhead recessed for LHD fittings, Lucas “square” starter solenoid,Suspension: revised lower rear suspension, Roflex,
Interior: 2 speed interior fan with eyeball vents, wood dash matt finished (not gloss), slider-style temp/fan controls, ignition switch moved beside the choke knob, black bezeled guages, new steering wheel (from TR250/5) with black padding covering wires, door handles from Mk4 Spit, chrome strip running alone center of door panel, slightly redesigned seats and seat tracks, dipping rear view mirror, black headliner, sunvisors swivel to the side and pass side got a mirror,
Exterior: new nose and revised rear side vents added to bonnet and rear quarter panel above fender, revised front and real badging, stainless finisher along sill, rear glass got de-fog, transverse muffler, thinner bonnet finishing strips, Rostyle wheel trim, covered parcel shelf added
69KC50001- KC58046
70 (through Dec.)KC75001- KC82398
GT6 Mk 2 changesafter commission #
KC75031 (Oct. 1969)“Improvement Package”: grill painted black, windshield frame painted black, no overiders in rear, backup lights and license plate lights grouped into a pod above plate, steering wheel from Mk4 Spit, reclining seats, knee pads, interior light switches in doors black plastic, covered parcel shelf removed, white headliner and sunvisors
GT6 Mk 2 changesafter date
Sept. 1969reclining seats, different steering wheel, more cockpit padding, stronger scuttle
very late MkII’sfiller cap changed to same as US MkIV
*Options (dealer)optionprice (1968)
Windscreen anti-frost shield?
Bonnet lock-pair?
Girling ‘Powerstop’ brake servo kit?
Cigarette lighter and bracket?
Fire extinguisher?
Fuel line filter?
Luggage strap?
Wing mirrors-various?
Triumph motif mud flaps?
Sill protectors?
Wire wheels-hexagonal spinner only£38 6s 8d 
Continental touring kit?
Oil cooler kit?
Tow rope and luggage rack strap?
Tow bar?
Roof rack?
Emergency windscreen?
Fog lamp-‘Styla’ iodine quartz-grille mounted?
Spot lamp-‘Styla’ iodine quartz-grille mounted?
Electric windscreen defroster?
Wooden steering wheel?
Safety warning triangle?
‘Plugmaster’ spark plug spanner?
‘Lever Master’ wheelbrace?
Touch-in paints?
Radio-Smiths Radiomobile?
Occasional rear seat?
*Options (special order)optionprice (1968)
Overdrive, notincluding differential and speedo£60 13s 11d
Leather seats?
Leather trim?
Skid plate?
Front upper ball joint with grease nipple?
Track rod end with grease nipple?
Competition DS11 brake pads and shoes?
Laminated windscreen?
Steering column lock?