Monza Exhaust Installation Instructions

1. Remove the stock muffler system from head pipe. This may require cutting at the head pipe depending upon the model year. If cutting is necessary, measure length of Monza system and measure forward from rear bumper, mark and cut stock pipe at approximate point of connection.

2. Insert muffler clamp (item 3) between stock front head pipe (item 4) and Monza section (item 1). Location of this pipe is same as stock position.

3. Insert muffler clamp (item 3) at other end of Monza section 1. Slip fit rear Monza rear section (item 2) onto front section (item 1). Note brackets (item 5) welded atop Monza rear section. These brackets mount to long mounting brace (items 6 & 7) which shall be secured to trunk compartment floor.

4. Mark with scribe area directly above mounting tabs (item 5). With 3/8 drill bit, drill one hole on each side in alignment with bracket. Open trunk compartment and remove carpet. Insert 3/8″ bolt and secure “L” shaped bracket to area beneath trunk. The long bracket (item 7) attaches to these brackets and into the mounting tab welded atop Monza pipes.

5. Tighten all hardware and installation is complete. Start engine and inspect for exhaust leaks.

After about a week of operation, it is recommended to check all fasteners and tighten as necessary.

Kit Includes:
ItemPart NumberNumber IncludedDescripton
Item 11284-21foreward muffler
Item 21284-12rear dual muffler
Item 3C13411.625″ clamp
Item 4ref.n/afactory head pipe
Item 5ref.n/ahanger bracket, muffler
Item 61284A2“L” shaped brackets
Item 71284B1Hanger bracket, body