Maintenance Summary

Mileage Key (Mileage x 1000 miles)
B-3, 9, 16, 22, 28, 34, 41, 47
C-6, 19, 31, 44
D-12.5, 37.5
E-25, 50

Engine Compartment

Engine CompartmentABCDE
Check/top up engine oil levelX (GT6 mk1)X
Check/top up cooling systemXXXXX
Check/top up brake fluid reservoirXXXXX
Check/top up clutch fluid reservoirXXXXX
Check/top up windscreen washer fluid reservoirXXXXX
Check/top up batteryXXXXX
Drain engine oil and refillXXXX
Renew oil filterXXX
Lubricate accelerator linkage/pedal fulcrum and check operationXXXX
Check battery condition. Clean and grease connectionsXXX
Check/report leaks from cooling and heater systemXXXXX
Check/report for oil/fuel/fluid leaks (general)XXXXX
Check security of distributor retard operating line and operation of retard unitX
Check/adjust ignition timing using electronic equipmentXXX
Check/report ignition wiring for fraying, chafing and deteriorationXXX
Check/adjust torque of cylinder head nuts and boltsXXX
Check/adjust valve rocker clearancesXXX
Check/adjust/report condition of all driving belts (replace if necessary)XXX
Check security of engine bolts and mountingsXXX
Check/adjust carburetter idle speedXXX
Check/adjust CO at idleXXX
Top-up carburetter piston damperXXX
Check/adjust fast idle speed (Excluded on Catalytic Converter Vehicles)XXX
Check/adjust deceleration by-pass valveXXX
Check security of E.G.R. valve operating linesX
Check operation of retard capsule. Lubricate distributor and clean cap, check for cracks and tracking, replace if necessaryXX
Check coil for breakdown on oscilloscope tuneXX
Renew spark plugsXX
Renew carburetter air cleaner elementXX
Renew fuel line filterXX
Crankcase breathing and evaporative systems:
Check hoses for securityX
Check hoses and restrictors for blockage, security and deteriorationXX
Check security of E.G.R. valve operating lines and operation of E.G.R. valve and clean pipework. Reset E.G.R. Service IndicatorXX
Check fuel tank filler cap seal for security, replace if necessaryXX
Renew adsorption canister*
Renew Catalytic Converter. (Excluded on Non-Catalytic Converter Specification)X

* at 50 only


Check/top up level of gearbox (and overdrive) oilXXXX
Check/top up level of final drive unit oilXXXX
Lubricate lower steering swivelsXXXX
Lubricate steering rack and pinionXXX
Lubricate rear hubsXX
Lubricate handbrake linkage and cable guidesXXX
Check engine, transmission, final drive, suspension and steering unit for oil leaks and reportXXXXX
Check visually brake, clutch and fuel pipes, hoses and unions for chafing, leaks and corrosion and reportXXXXX
Check/report exhaust system for leakage and securityXXXXX
Check security of suspension fixings, tie rod levers, steering unit attachments and steering universal joint coupling boltsXXX
Check security of propeller shaft and drive shaft universal coupling bolts and report drive shaft gaiter conditionXXX
Check security of sub-frame or body mountingsX
Check/report condition of steering unit/steering joints for security, backlash and gaiter conditionXXXXX


Adjust front hubsXX
Check/adjust front and rear wheel alignment with tracking equipmentX
Check/report front and rear wheel alighment with tracking equipmentXXX
Inspect brake pads for wear and discs for conditionXXXX
Inspect and report brake linings for wear and drums for conditionXX
Check/adjust security of road wheel fasteningsXXXXX
Check that tyres are in accordance with manufacturer’s specificationXXXX
Check visually and report depth of tread, cuts in tyre fabric, exposure of ply or cord structure, umps or bulgesXXXXX
Check/adjust tyre pressures (including spare wheel)XXXXX
Check/adjust headlamp alignmentX
Check/report headlamp alignmentXXXX
Check, if necessary replace, windscreen wiper bladesXXXX


Check brake pedal travel and handbrake operation, adjust if necessaryX
Check/report brake pedal travel and handbrake operationXXXX
Check operation of window controls, locks and bonnet releaseX
Check function of all electrical systems and windscreen washerXXXXX
Lubricate brake and clutch pedal pivotsXXX
Lubricate all locks, door hinges, strikers and bonnet releaseXXXX
Check/report condition and security of seats and seatbeltsXXXX
Check/report rear view mirrors for looseness, cracks and crazingXXXX
Check operation of seat belt interlock (where fitted)XXXXX

 Road Test

Road TestABCDE
Road/Roller test and report additional work requiredXXXX
Ensure cleanliness of controls, door handles, steering wheel, etc.XXXXX
At 19,000 miles (or 18 month intervals):
Renew hydraulic brake fluid
At 37,500 miles (or 3 years):
Examine brake, clutch system seals and hoses and renew if necessary
Examine working surfaces of pistons and bores in master, slave and wheel cylinders and renew parts where necessary
Renew air filter in brake servo unit
Renew all water hoses

-1975 Spitfire Owners Manual