Electrics/Firewall Photos

Photos from Howard Baugues’ original 76 Spit and my pretty original 76 showing the ignition/firewall areas. Also shown are photos of Rick Gregory’s 74 with Crane System and unknown owner’s cars.

Distributor (Howard’s car)

Back of Alternator and Distributor (Howard’s car)

Noise Supressor close up next to coil

Ignition Box close up (Lumenition)

Ignition Box close up (Allison)

Relays (on my car)

Relays (Howard’s car)

Firewall (Howard’s car)

Firewall 2 (Howard’s car)

Firewall 3 (full firewall of unknown owner’s car)

Firewall (coil area) (on my car)

Firewall (starter relay area) (on my car)

Firewall (with Crane Ignition)

Firewall 2 (with Crane Ignition)

Wildshield Wiper Motor (on my car)

Inside Distributor (with Crane Ignition)

Inside Distributor 2 (with Crane Ignition)