Care for Your Convertible Top

The soft top is made from P.V.C. material and is supported by a hinged frame. The assembly folds down into the rear of the car and is protected by a soft top cover.
The important thing to remember is that moisture is your top’s enemy. If you put sone sort of dressing on the top, make sure it dries fully before you lower the top. The same applies if you simply wash you car- never fold down a wet top.
After washing your car, always use a separate towel to dry the window. Blot the water off, do not rub. Use Meguiar’s #17 Plastic Cleaner followed with a coat of Meguiar’s #10 Plastic Polish exactly according to directions to clean up any hazing or scratches. Do not rub hard or you will end up with ever more scratches.

Lowering the Soft Top

Mk3: Unclip the fasteners securing the fabric to the second hoodstick (Fig.1b) and tilt the seats forward.
Mk4-1500: Unclip the fasteners securing the fabric to the center and rear hoodstick (Fig.1) and tilt the seats forward.

Both: Release the soft top header rail from the windshield frame by turning the catch levers in the direction shown (Fig. 2) and the fasteners (four each side Fig.3) securing the edges of the hood to the body.
Push the soft top header rail rearwards and slightly upwards while knocking the second hoodstick forwards, until the assembly begins to fold. DO NOT PULL the second hoodstick downwards. Continue lowering the frame frame and pull the fabric flat over the luggage compartment lid (Fig. 4).
Fold the fabric forward over the hoodsticks and turn the sides inward (Fig. 5). Ensure that the Vybak windows are free from distortion and the hood fabric is not trapped by the hoodsticks.

Soft Top in the Down Position

Retain the soft top in position by fitting the cover (Fig. 6) as follows:
Attach the cover to the fasteners and continue working towards the center and locate the three hooks on the cover under the bottom hoodstick.

Raising the Soft Top

Unfasten and remove the hood cover (Fig. 8). Fold the sides of the hood fabric outwards and pull the fabric rearwards over the luggage compartment lid. Lifting the soft top header rail, raise the assembly sufficiently to allow the fabric to lie evenly over the frame.
Secure the fasteners (four each side Fig. 3.) to the body. Locate the soft top header rail on the windshield header rail and turn the levers (Fig. 2) inwards. Knock the center hoodstick rearwards as far as possible, and secure the fasteners (Fig. 1).