1979-80 Triumph Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)

In October 1979 commission numbers were replaced with V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) numbers. Here are the 8 digit prefixes.

V.I.N. PrefixClassTransmissionSteering
TFADW19TUnited KingdomManualRight-Hand Steering
TRADW29TEuropeManualLeft-Hand Steering
TFADW59TUnited KingdomManual plus overdriveRight-Hand Steering
TFADW69TEuropeManual plus overdriveLeft-Hand Steering
TFVDW29TUSManualLeft-Hand Steering
TFVDW69TUSManual plus overdriveLeft-Hand Steering
TFZDW29TCaliforniaManualLeft-Hand Steering
TFZDW69TCaliforniaManual plus overdriveLeft-Hand Steering
TFLDW29TCanadaManualLeft-Hand Steering
TFLDW69TCanadaManual plus overdriveLeft-Hand Steering

first character

T= Triumph

second character

F= Spitfire

third character

A= European
Z= California
L= Canadian

forth character

D= 2 seat convertible

fifth character

W=Triumph 1500cc

sixth character

1= Right-Hand Steering without Overdrive
2= Left-Hand Steering without Overdrive
5= Right-Hand Steering with Overdrive
6= Left-Hand Steering with Overdrive

seventh character

9= 1979
A= 1980
B= 1981

eight character

T= Triumph plant, Canley, Coventry

Example: TFADW5AT 009898 (the final Spitfire off the assembly line)

Triumph Spitfire, European Spec two seater with 1500 engine, Right hand drive with overdrive transmission, and build in 1980 at Coventry plant.