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Rear Suspension/Differential


DotTorque Specs (rear suspension area)

DotBudget Hub Puller
Directions for building your own home-made rear hub puller.

DotRear Wheel Bearing Replacement
Mike Ross shows you step by step

DotRear End Jacking Tips
Paul Tegler gives hints for working on rear suspension

DotCamber Compensator Info
Info about Mk1-3 rear handling problems.

DotCamber Compensator Kit
Click this link for Joe Curry's kit. The only kit still available.


DotTorque Specs (driveshaft, diff, axles)

DotDifferntial (Final Drive) Ratios
A listing of the final drive ratios throughout the years for Spitfires, GT6's and other Triumph models. Also includes driveshaft/diff flange info.

DotDiff Bracket Diagnosis and Repair (outside link)
Fix for another rear end noise (TR6)

DotDo's and Don'ts of Diff Rebuilds (outside link)
Iain Woolley helps others with his tips

DotFinal Drive Rebuild (outside link)
Kevin Newman shows you step by step. And his U-joint replacement link.

DotDiff Pinion Seal Replacement (outside link)
Got a leak coming from the front end of your differential housing? Jeff's page explains the fix.

DotDiff Rebuild Tips (outside link)
Tips and common sence for diff repair

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