Spitfire & GT6 Racing Photos

Spitfire Racers

Cash Billups, Oklahoma USA, 1962 Mk 1

Tom Cook, Pennsylvania USA, 1962 Mk 1 
I have had this race car since 1983 I was 21 years old. I raced it in SCCA the early to mid 80s mostly at Watkins Glen, Limerock and Nelson Ledges, then got married then a child and started a business. So the old girl sat in a barn covered in hay and chaff for 22 years. Unfortunately got divorced so guess what came out of the barn. My son now is 17 years old and wow what a helper. I’ve taught him lots and we have had lots of good father and son times working on this car. The first time out racing this year the engine was still 22 years old…never took it apart and here I was was leading the race in HP and caught on fire…black flag darn. It was a small fire got the oil problem fixed. On Sunday I got the first checker flag, we won! It was great!
Now about the car…there is not much on the car that’s still original, not modified or custom made. It has a full type cage integrated into frame and suspension. QA1 front and rear adjustable shocks and springs. The engine is highly modified 14.5:1 comp with BHP head and carbs and camshaft, Venolia pistons 1 1/4 SU carbs with flow-benched intakes and vel stacks. All blueprinted to the max. MSD crank trigger ignition and can be switched driving to dual point distributor, REK gear reduction starter, Tilton 4 1/2″ clutch system, Webster gearbox, aluminum bellhousing, transcase, driveshaft. Race axles, etc, Rick Cline rear spring, custom made 2 1/2″ full straight exhaust with tuned Stahl header, ATL fuel cell, dual pumps, all Aeroquip, Calaman custom radiator and shroud. Kirkey seat, mod drive tunnel, full race gauges, Tilton brake pedals, Revolution wheels Goodyear slicks and more.

Tim Slater, USA, 1963 Mk 1

Russ Moore, New York USA, 1963 Mk 1
1296cc, runs with two twin Webers, stock pistons and crank and an up-rated camshaft. The car had an extensive rebuild after a serious accident at Summit Point, West Virginia four years ago where Russ rolled the car and broke four ribs. (Ouch!) The year-long rebuild included the replacement of the old swing axles, a new fuel cell, an up-rated fire extinguishing system, steel bulkheads, adjustable racing shocks, a new rear quarter panel, new doors with steel reinforcements in them, and a new Mk 3 bonnet.

Joe Curry, Arizona USA, 1963 Mk 1 “Tiny Tim”
with Honda S2000 Engine (check out link)

Rocky Entriken, Kansas, 1964 Spitfire “Li’l Blue”
This car has competed in more SCCA Solo II National Championship events than any other single car of any class or category (28)!
Power from an Able Co. engine built by Mid-Michigan Imports and GT6 gearbox West Michigan Imports. It has an Able rear suspension, Hoosier cantilever slicks on Revolution wheels, fiberglass hood and rear deck lid, ATL fuel cell, oil cooler, Kirkey seat, Autopower rollbar with a Kirk cage extension.

Stefan Klemm, Germany, 1964 FIA GTS-8 Spitfire

Daniel Senn, Switzerland, 1964 Spitfire (Wedgewood Blue)
FIA Homolgated for Historic Rallyes and Hillclimbs.

Tom Turner, California, 1964 Spitfire
The interior was restored to original right down to the carpets, door cards, and passenger seat; all fiberglass was replaced with original panels and a single hoop roll bar was substituted per 1968-70 SCCA GCR. The engine is still an 1147cc with standard rockers, crank and SU carburetors. The gearbox is a 1964 w/o 1st. gear syncro. When I had it painted, it was on a rotisserie so we painted inside, outside, under and finished with a clearcoat. Our first vintage race was the Reno Historics (HMSA) in 2007. Since then I taken it to the Wine Country Historics, Sonoma, Monterey, Coronado Festival of Speed, Kastner Cup at Laguna Seca and numerous other venues for vintage competition. In 2010, MSN selected this car as one of “The 10 Coolest Cars at the 2010 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion”.

Bob Totten, 1964 Spitfire GT

The real! ABU 4B factory LeMans Spitfire

Vintage Racing Services, Conn. USA, 1965 Mk 2

MLC Racing, Mark Howison racing his Spit back in the 70’s

Daniel Martinez (2001 F Production Champ), 1965 Mk2, 1147cc

Jim Sechrest (1999 VARA F Production Champ & Driver of the Year), 1965 Mk 2, 1147cc

Lanie Sechrest (2000 VARA Woman Driver of the Year), 1965 Mk 2, 1300cc

Herby Senn, Switzerland, 1967 Spitfire MkIII
Full Circuit and Hillclimb Race Car

Rick Kristoff, Michigan USA, MkIII
There isn’t much on the car thats still original or not modified or custom made.It has a full tube-frame type cage, integrated into frame and suspension. Mod front and rear suspensions with custom mounts, shocks and springs.Engine is highly modified 15:1 comp with plenty of internal work and head mods….1 1/2″ SUs with flow-benched intakes and vel stacks. All blueprinted to the max. Electromotive crankfire system, TSI gear reduction starter Quartermaster 5 1/2″ clutch system, Houseman tranny, aluminum bellhousing, transcase, driveshaft. Race axles,etc, custom made 2 1/2″ full straight exhaust with tuned Stahl header, Aum fuel cell,dual pumps,all Aeroquip, Griffin custom radiator and shroud. Custom alum race seat, mod drive tunnel, full race gauges, adj brake prop valve and more.

Ian Cowie, Melbourne Australia, 196? Spitfire

GT6 Racers

Mark Loucks, New York Mk I GT6

Edwin Tiben, Holland 1968 Mk I GT6

Deon Hattingh in (South Africa) running his Mk2 GT6.

Ian Cowie, Melbourne Australia, 196? GT6

Drew Brown, Connecticut, 1968 GT6

Steve Smith, California, 1969 GT6
“on the way to Victory at California Speedway”

Doug Buchanan, Nebraska, 1971 Mk3 GT6
“We have had to modify, for safety reasons, the rear suspension using 280 ZX constant velocity joints and half shafts. We have used the original transverse leaf spring, pumpkin, and all the original pickup points to remain vintage legal. The car is still a 2 liter but I have gone to a TR6 gear box due to the horse power.”

Jose Berlanga, Madrid, Spain Mk3 GT6
“Used for historic circuit and road rallies (just regularity)”

Rick Cline, Mk3 GT6
“photo legendary Spitfire driver Rick Cline at the 1974 SCCA National Races held at the Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville, Florida.”