Rear Hub Puller

I couldn’t part with $95.00 to buy a Triumph Hub Puller, so I made my own out of stuff laying around in my garage. Here are the steps.

I had an inexpensive two prong gear puller that you can buy from any hardware or autoparts store. This one had the two cast steel clawed prongs bolted to two pair of thin metal plates which in turn were bolted to the main part of the puller (figure 1). I unbolted the two prongs.

Then I drilled two holes in two 2″ x 4″ x 1/8″ mild steel plates. The holes lined up with the rear wheel studs so the steel plates could easily slip over the studs and rest on the rear brake drum face (figure 2) making sure that they didn’t cover the rear axle shaft end.

I used the lug nuts to bolt the two steel plates to the brake drum. Next, the hub puller was carefully positioned over the end of the rear axle shaft in the center of the brake drum (figure 3), and the two pairs of metal plates on the gear puller were welded to the steel plates bolted to the brake drum.

A 1/2″ socket wrench easily turned the gear puller shaft and extracted the rear hub.

– Mike Ross