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Spitfire & GT6 Fun Photos

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Thor Svaboe and members of TSSC Norway recreate a LeMans Paddock.

Who says Spitfire rear ends are weak? Steve Adams would know, he broke three last year!


Erik Norrgard's daily commuting GT6 was caught out in the snow.

Mika Hekkanen in his MkIV Spit, doing a little top down winter driving.

Stephan und Elisabeth Sieburg's Spitfire gets caught out in the snow.

James Carruthers' Spitfire is caught in a quick snowstorm.


"three old dogs"
-- Ted Lylis, 1968 Spitfire MkIII

-- Lars Vigdal, Norway, MkIII Spitfire

-- Philip Warburton, British Columbia, 1975 1500

-- Livia Haasper, Ontario, 1967 MkIII

"Our impatient dog Blue waiting for the 1st ride."
-- Karl & Kelly Reinke, Wisconson, 1969 MkIII

-- Enrico Vandone, Pavia Italy, 1500

"Chlo'e loved to pose, cap on; through the open window of Lara the Spitfire"
-- Jamie Whelan, Shropshire, England, 1979 1500

"Skyler" "Given the opportunity, an open door, and a dog's inate ability to see the forrest through the trees, Skyler let us know he's not getting left behind on the maiden run. Gotta love a dogs' blind faith in his owners. You can bet he'll be on that ride too!"
-- John & Linda Gray" Michigan, USA, 1973 GT6

"Seeing the photo of Skyler (above) reminded me of a picture I took while in the process of restoring my Spit."
-- Doug Pratt, New York, USA, 1976 1500

"Nigel opts for the driver's seat."
-- Tim Burton, New York, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6

Finnbar "driving" John-Paul Keohane's MKIV (England)

Chris Hauer's buddies in his 1978 1500

-- Michael Dutzi, Enzesfeld, Austria, 1977 1500

"Bandit is helping me figure out why my '77 Spitfire 1500 is running so ruff"
-- Mike Leska, California, 1977 1500

and a kitty: "Tigger"
-- Mark Facer, Hawes North Yorks, U.K. 1976 1500

and another: "Daphnee"
-- Yves Brouard, Qułębec, Canada 1978 1500

and yet another Rory Eilers' kitty's name is Nosey... "my restomodding supervisor"
-- Rory Eilers, 1978 Spitfire 1500

How about cows in Texas:
-- Dennis Streeter, Texas, USA 1973 1500

or cows in Switzerland: Stephan Sieburg


Lukas Darski, Poland, 1968 Mk3


"Spitfires may have tailed Messerschmitts in the cloudy skies over Britain 55 years ago, but Stanley Park in Calgary is where it happened again recently. Daniel Preston of Hinton, Alberta in his 1978 Spitfire 1500 is hot on the tail of Steve Bryant from Calgary in his 1956 Messerschmitt KR200. Steve and Daniel re-enacted a cartoon scene from a vintage British motoring magazine."
--Fred Griffiths

Livia Haasper's "new" GT6 shows its approval with a big smile!

Jeremy Whitehead shows his "lil fire spitter" (the pix are actually infrared photos taken at night).

Stephen Bub's 1/7 scale Spitfire Mk9 radio controlled plane and 67 Spitfire Mklll

Phillip Pummell's 75 Spit keeps his new "fun meter" constantly in the red zone.

Erik Norrgard's son readies his pinewood derby GT6 competing in Tiger Cub pack 14. "We raced it to a fourth place missing qualifying for the finals by one place in one race."


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