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Carburetor Resources


DotCarburetor Troubleshooting
A general overview of the steps required in troubleshooting carb problems

DotCarb Troubleshooting (outside link)
A great page for general Carb troubleshooting.

Zenith Stromberg Carbs

DotZenith Stromberg Rebuild Instructions
Pages scanned from the rebuild kit for ZS carbs.

DotTR250 - TR6 Carburettor Overhaul
An excellent set of pages about rebuilding/tuning the same Zenith Strombergs on Spit's and GT6's. Also great article about adding an oxygen sensor. These articles are under the "TR250-TR6 Carbs:" section.

DotZenith Stromberg Heat Shield (downloading pdf)
Gene Eighmy's pdf showing how to make your own shield. This shield reduces potential for carb problems from exhaust heat.

SU Carbs

DotSU Needle database
Paul Tegler's SU Carburetor Needle Searchable Selection Chart

DotTuning vs. Setting SU Carburetors
The "art" of needle swapping and tuning SUs, great article!DotSU Needle database
Another SU Carburetor Needle Selection Chart

DotZenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500)
More great info from Paul Tegler

DotZenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500)
Another conversion by Howard Baugues

DotSU Damper Oil Info
A great site rich with information about damper oil and SU carbs

DotTwin SU Installation
A page that shows many closeup photos of a twin SU installation on a 70 Spitfire


DotWeber Section
The popular Weber gets its own set of pages. A list of pages and outside links that deal with Weber conversions, troubleshooting and tuning.


DotEmissions Diagrams
This page shows diagrams for emissions systems for 75-80 cars.

DotOil blowing from Dipstick?
This page explains why and the fix when fitting DGV Weber carbs.

DotEmissions and Crankcase Ventilation
A study and fixes for emissions removal

Dot1973 Emission Control Systems
Technical service bulletin for Spitfire, GT6, TR6 and Stag

DotCalifornia Emissions Information

Air Fuel Mointors

DotBuilding an Air/Fuel Monitor
An excellent site about how a TR6 owner built a Air/fuel monitor. If you are a "tech head" this is tha page for you!

DotTuning Using the Air/Fuel Monitor
From the site above. Results when using different jets

Dot02 Meter
Another site showing the scematic to build your own meter

DotTuning with Oxygen Sensor Meter (Air/Fuel Meter)
Another site how to build your own Oxygen sensor meter

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