Triumph Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

Preliminary checklist

Owners Name________________________ Address________________________
Model________ Year________ Price________Options_________________________
Can owner furnish title________Car licensed now?________Car was last run________
General appearance__________________ Inside or outside storage?________ Mileage?________

Check before starting motor

Oil in sump?________ Coolant in radiator?________
Water drops in oil?________ Oil in coolant?________
Visible oil leaks?________ Visible coolant leaks?________
Visible cracks in motor block?________ Cracks in cylinder head?________
Fan belts tight?________ Rust around master cylinders?________
Rust in and around battery box?________ Rust around bonnet mounting points?________

Check before driving the car

Does the brake pedal hold when pressed down?________ Any signs of leaking brake fluid?________
Any grease leaks around real wheels?________ Air in tires?________
Tread wear?________ Normal?________ Alignment problems?________
Wheels match?________ Dents/Bent?________ Hubcaps Missing/Broken?________


E (Excellent), G (Good), F(Fair), P (Poor), R (Repairable), M (Must be fixed to be legal)

Bonnet__________________________ Grill__________________________

Spoiler__________________________ Front Bumper__________________________

L. Valance__________________________ L.F. Fender__________________________

L. Bonnet Latch_______________________ L. Quarter__________________________

L. Door__________________________ L.R. Fender__________________________

Rear Valance__________________________ Rear Bumper__________________________

Boot (trunk)__________________________ R.R. Fender__________________________

R. Door__________________________ R. Quarter__________________________

R.F. Fender_________________________ R. Bonnet Latch_________________________

R. Valance__________________________ Headlights__________________________

L. Side Markers__________________________ Tail Lights__________________________

R. Side Markers__________________________ Windshield Frame__________________________

Windshield__________________________ R. Window__________________________

Hood (top)__________________________ L. Window__________________________

Boot (trunk)

Spare?________________ Jack?________Jack Handle?________lug wrench?________
Other tools?________ Rust under carpet?___________________________

Interior of car

R. cushion__________________________ R. seat back__________________________
L. cushion__________________________ L. seat back__________________________
R. door__________________________ L. door__________________________
Door handles__________________________ Window cranks__________________________
Visors__________________________ Glove boxes__________________________
Dash pad__________________________ Dash wood__________________________
Interior fan work?____ Temp selector/Vent selector work?_____
Rust under carpet?______________________ Passenger’s Side (under battery box)_________________________

Report on test drive


Starts easily?______ Pulls evenly?______ Run evenly?______
Any knocks?______ Idle evenly?______ Emit smoke?______
Noise in motor when cold?______ When warmed up?______


Speedo______ Tach______ Fuel gauge______ Temp gauge______


Will the motor stall with brake on?______ Does the clutch grab when slowly released?______Shudder?______


Clunking of grinding sound as you go through the gears?______
during acceleration/deceleration_____________
1st______ 2nd______ 3rd______ 4th______ OD______

Universal Joints

Any thumping or banging from the middle of car during acceleration or deceleration?______


Any whining noise at moderate speeds?______
Any chucking noise at slow speed or deceleration?______


Amount of play in steering wheel (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, none)______ Front wheels shimmy?______
Steer easily?______ Pull to one side?______ Wheel return to center after corner?______


Stop car quickly?______ Evenly?______ Grab or Pulse?______
Any grinding noise?______ Does pedal hold position when pressed?______ Does handbrake hold?______