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Spitfire & GT6 magazine is almost totally reader written. And remember, info that is old to you, it is probably new to someone else. Send anything an everything! Help us keep the magazine growing and getting better every issue!

Want to send something but don't know what? Click here for some Story ideas

Spitfire magazine can except many formats for submissions:

Photos: (don't forget to include your name, city & state, your car's year and color)

Digital Photos: Digital photos work great but can be a problem. As a rule, the bigger the better. Although we may be able to use photos off websites or cell phones, they are usually too small. Magazines require photos that are much larger than the web. Many of the newer digital cameras have great file sizes (assuming the camera was set to its highest settings).
  • Email them to:
  • If you have many large photos, we prefer DVD/CD/jump drives. We also have a Drop Box account you can use, email us for details.
  • Printed Photos via Snail mail: We have a scanner that can scan almost anything; prints, slides, negatives, etc. We perfer professionally made prints, not printouts from your computer's printer (better to send the original digital file.)

    If you need the items returned, please include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

    Cover Photos: to be considered for a cover digital photos need to be vary large (at or above 5 megapixel). Don't forget, covers are vertical shots (turn your camera sideways!)

    Send them to:

    • Spitfire & GT6 Magazine
      P.O. Box 30806
      Knoxville, TN USA 37930-0806


Word Count: We are often asked how many words the story should be. We try not to answer that question because we feel the writer should write as much or little as it takes to get the idea across. And yes, we know you are probably not a professional writer. We can polish your text. If you DON'T want us to edit, please let us know.

Text via email: We can except most softwares but prefer files saved as .txt or .doc. This makes for quickest imports. Also, If there are photos, please send them as separate attachments not placed within the document. We might not be able to pull the photos out.

  • Send them to:

    Text via Snail mail: The same format information applies to text sent via digitally. We can accept DVD/CD/jump drives.
    We can also type in text sent as printouts, newsletters, etc. (the unprefered method).

    Send them to:

    • Spitfire & GT6 Magazine
      P.O. Box 30806
      Knoxville, TN USA 37930-0806

Any questions, .

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