A note from the webmaster at Triumphspitfire.com

This is a common example of how people may try to scam you (an actual attempt)...

From: "david ball" (the Scammer)

To: "mahrie lesher"

Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2004 8:59 AM

Subject: Payment Triumph Spitfire 62 - 67 tail light lens

Thanks for the mail, I am o.k with your price of $25 for the tail light. In respect of payment i have a client in the US who is owing me and he has agreed to issue a cheque of $3,000 All i need to do to make payment easier and faster is to instruct him to procure a certified cheque and mail it to you on the address and name you want on the cheque. But i would want to know if i can count on you to send my balance to my shipping company through Western Union Money Transfer as soon as you receive the cheque, so that they can start to process the INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS and come for the pick up at your location. Mail me asap to enable me arrange payment.Furnish me with your name, physical mailing address and contact/cell phone number, so I can forward it to my client in US who will issue the cheque for the payment.
Thanks and God bless,

The scammer sends you a fake "certified" check for $3000, you deposit it and send back the difference... then a few days later the original check bounces.
The scammer never shows to pick up the product.

You are out $2775 plus the bounced check fee, not to mention, the scammer now has much of your personal information.

If you receive this kind of scam please contact the FBI and prosecute these people. Don't let them ruin it for all us honest Triumph owners.








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