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Stripes & Color Schemes

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Non-factory Stripes (shown in order of car's year)

Mk1-2 racer seen at Triumphs Sports Six Club event in UK

Kirk Lockwood, New York, USA, 1966 Mk2 (Blue Mica Spectra with White Diamond Pearl stripes)

Paul Geithner, Maryland, USA, 1968 Mk3 (true blue and white)

Mike Ross, Ohio, USA, 1970 GT6+, TR250 styled nose stripe

Bill Hassebrock, Florida, 1971 MkIV

Nate Scholl, California, USA, 1971 MkIV Spit6

Michael Mcarthur, Indiana, USA, 1972 GT6 Mk 3

?, South Carolina, USA, 1973 Mk4

Doug Mcarthur, Indiana, USA, 1974 1500

Jean Petermann, Switzerland, 1974 1500

Charles Glasser, New York, USA, 1975 1500

Trey Hilbert, Texas, USA, 1976 1500

Kevin Wildner, Texas, USA, 1976 1500

Elliot Tours, California, 1977 1500

Paul Geithner, Maryland, USA, 1978 1500 (75-BRG)

Rich Torres, Michigan, USA, 1978 1500

Max Brewster, Colorado, USA, 1979 1500

Tim Hodge, Virginia, USA, 1979 1500

Brian Howard, Kentucky, USA, 19?? GT6+

Color Schemes
Charles & Hailie Weatherbee, Florida, USA, 1980 1500

Steven Linton (photo from the Detroit Triumph Club page)

Another British flag paint job owned by Mike Bristow
"My daughter asked if she could use my 1977 Triumph Spitfire in her 1998 Napa (CA) High School homecoming parade. She and a few classmates painted the car in an Austin Powers theme. I kept the car in this livery for about the next two years. It invariably got positive reaction from elementary age kids "Cool Car" they would shout. Above that age bracket the call was usually "Austin Powers sucks". The paint job became a problem when I was pulled over by the Napa Police Dept. for a minor traffic violation. The officer remarked 'I wouldn't have noticed you if it wasn't for that paint job'. That was the end of the Union Jack. I resprayed the car Tahiti blue the next week."

Yet another British flag paint job (unknown owner)

A British flag paint job on Larry Stein's GT6

A British flag racer owned by Joe Beckett, California, USA, 1972 Mk4

British flag boot (unknown owner)

Dan and Chris Porter were inspired by issue #14's cover of Spitfire & GT6 magazine adding a British flag to their bonnet. "It gets lots of attention at car shows! And I have a small model of the Spitfire (visible in the lower left-hand side of the photo) with a Union Jack under its bonnet too!"

David Fitzpatrick's future racer in patriotic livery.

John Byrne's 1500 with very subtle silver flames on white paint. Also chromed headlight buckets.

A (digital) experiment with Austin Healey 3000 paint scheme

A BRG car with "LeMans" yellow nose

A REAL LeMans car, ABU 4B factory Spitfire

Reuben Chapman's Camo painted Spitfire as in the WWII fighter planes.

Joe Garrison "camoed" his 72 Spitfire also. Read the story on his website.

Otto Kemp's Rumble B Express (1972 Mk3 GT6)

Boerje Brueggemann's bumpers painted body color and underriders black. Visit link for more pix.

Rear painted black. Owned by Bo Widerberg, Florida, 1976 1500

Terry Thompson's highly modified 76 Spit both inside and out. Exterior door handles have been removed. Terry has also made a special chrome front grill. Check out his website for many other mods both inside and out.

Also see Racer's Photos for other paint schemes.

Also see Stripes Page for info about factory striping options

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