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Unusual Spitfire & GT6 Photos

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Reuben Chapman of Buckinghamshire, England sent us these photos of his MkIV. "It was a bit of a wreck, black 1974. However, I decided for a laugh to paint it up like a real Spitfire as in the WWII fighter planes. Some grey/blue primer and green hammerite and a day later and she was transformed."

Joe Garrison "camoed" his 72 Spitfire also. Read the story on his website.

Terry Thompson's highly modified 76 Spit both inside and out. Exterior door handles have been removed. Terry has also made a special chrome front grill. (check out his website)

Spitfire Pickup- Unknown owner, Tennessee, USA

4x4 Spitfire- Rick Fredericks, Michigan, USA

another 4x4 Spitfire somewhere in California

Spitfire Aftermarket bonnets/bodies

Toby Waters' 1966 Spitfire sports this Ashley bonnet.

APAL Custom Bonnet, Werner Spichtig, Wohlen, Switzerland
"I was told only a few bonnets of this type made. The car was originally built in Dec. 1966, it now has a 2 litre, 6 cylinder engine and a rollbar. It was restored/modified between 1997 and 2000."

Vincent Hurricane custom bonnet/body made by Caburn Engineering as seen at the TSSC event June 2002

PRI offers rear wings and front spoilers. Owned by Joe Guinan, link to his conversion.


Otto Kemp's Rumble B GT6 and it's Rumble B Express (trailer)

Also visit the Stripes/Color schemes page for other unusal cars

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