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Spitfire Mk 2 Options and Changes

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Spitfire Mk 2


changes from previous model

new options

number made

com #

body #

engine #

1965 (Dec. 64)

more power, new seats, revised grill (horizontal slats), carpeting added, new camshaft, diaphragm clutch, paint and trim codes added to commission plate, oil filler cap no longer used for ventilation, aluminium fan blades, carbs got twin, black air filter box, distributor got a new vacuum unit and different centrifugal advance weights, temp gauge change to continuous scale, choke knob no longer removable from cable, interior grab handle redesigned, seats add piping and better padding,

60 spoke wire wheels, wood rimmed steering wheel by Formula (5 holes per spoke), Triumph globe medallion available for fitting to hubcaps, wheel trim, rear (only) mud flaps, black plastic sill protectors behind front wheels, 8000 rpm tach, leather seat covers







early 1965
(date/Comm number unknown)
(let me know)

front blinker covers on US cars changed from orange to larger clear/white "can"
Click to see photo



about FC71800




Jan. 67

gutter added to side of windscreen



about FC88650




Spitfire Mk 2 changes

after commission #


narrower width main bearings


narrower width big end bearings


new design for battery clamp


wheels slightly revised with thinner slots


new push button door handle, door lock was seperate and provided on the passenger's door, carpet kick pad added to interior door panel, door catch changed to the anti-burst variety


revised head for better cooling


camshaft bushings/bearings fitted


steering column universal joint changed


rear shocks changed


rear trunnion seals redesigned


brass coolant drain tap added to side of engine block replacing brass plug


door checker seal held in place by clips instead of screws


standard spark plug brand changed from Lodge CLNY to Champion L87Y


anti-rattle nylon button/rubber stopper added to steering column


temp sending unit added to water pump


crankshaft real oil seal revised


con rods replaced with interference fit gudgeon pins instead of floating gudgeon pins


crankshaft real oil seal revised to silicon rubber seal in aluminum


oil drain plug chanded from threaded plug to taper-threaded plug, oil strainer moved from sump to pump

*Options (dealer)



base price


Reversing light kit

£3 10s 0d

Seat belts (2 point)

£4 4s 0d

Seat belts (3 point)

£4 14s 6d

Wood trimmed steering wheel

£4 14s 0d

Boot rack plus ski attachment

£11 11s 0d

Cigarette lighter

10s 8d

Continental touring kit

£10 5s 0d

Bonnet lock kit

£1 15s 0d

Wing mirrors

from 19s 6d

Wheel trim

17s 6d

Hub cap medallion

11s 5d

Hub cap removal tooth


Spot lamp kit (4" 50W sealed beam)

£3 17s 6d

Fog lamp kit (4" sealed beam)

£3 17s 6d

Wire Wheels

£36 5s 6d

Steel wide wheel

£4 5s 0d

Tow bar kit (C.P. Witter)


Oil cooler kit

£12 5s 0d

Sun visors

£1 10s 6d

Four-ply rated white wall tires

£6 0s 10d

Brake servo kit-Girling 'Power stop'


Locking Petrol Cap

£1 11s 9d

Hard-top to soft-top conversion kit

£18 10s 0d

Mud flap kit (front only)

£1 7s 6d

Radio-Smith Radiomobile


Anti-mist panel-hard top

18s 6d


£1 15s 0d

Sill Protector

12s 0d

Fire Extinguisher

£1 19s 6d

Chrome-plated tail pipe finisher

12s 0d

Fuel filter

3s 9d

Hood sealer-black or clear

12s 0d

Underseal 'Carseal'


Seat covers-Karobes


Touch-in paint

5s 6d

Rear hub bearing and sealing kit


Trunnion sealing kit


Competition brake pads-Ferodo DS11

£3 3s 6d

Competition ignition coil-Lucas HA12

£2 5s 0d

Rev counter-8000 rpm

£6 5s 0d

Skid plate

£2 12s 0d

Competition front springs

£3 15s 0d

Competition rear springs

£6 12s 0d

Dunlop SP41 145/5.5-13 radial tires


Heater kit

£13 5s 1d

*Options (special order)




£51 7s 1d


£33 11s 0d

Steering Column lock


Brake master cylinder extension


Ignition coil-7V cold start


Starter solenoid-cold start


Tail light fuse


Laminated windscreen


Tonneau cover and fixings-black or white

£11 0s 6d

Leather seats-red, blue or black


FYI: on original boot lids the "H" in TRIUMPH is not in line with the other letters, it is slightly higher