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Mk1 and Mk2 Spitfire Photos

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I have started adding color information to the listings of the cars (name, color number). If you send photos of your car, please include the color and if it is original. If you car is already listed, the color.

To have your car featured here and in the next Spitfire/GT6 Magazine, visit the submission page for info.

Mk1 | Mk2

Spitfire4 (Mk1)

Riccardo Brunetti, Roma Italia, 1962 Spitfire4

Satoshi Kimura, Tokyo Japan, 1962 Spitfire4

Suzie & Guy Singleton, Wiltshire, England, 1962 Spitfire4 (26-Wedgwood Blue)

Loni Crostic, South Carolina, USA, 1963 Spitfire4

Dan Cullison, Georgia, USA, 1963 Spitfire4

Mark McAtee, Ohio, USA, 1963 Spitfire4

Brian McCarthy, Illinois, USA, 1963 Spitfire4 (11-Black)

Martin Pearce, Wiltshire, England, 1963 Spitfire4

Arioti Roberto, Florida Italy, 1963 Spitfire4 (32-Signal red)

Kelvin Tan, Singapore, 1963 Spitfire4

Jose Luis Baena, Spain, 1964 Spitfire4 (Old English white)

Lewis Britner, Maryland, USA, 1964 Spitfire4 (26-Wedgwood Blue)

Darson Buckner, Tennessee, USA, 1964 Spitfire4

Sandy Cilli, New Jersey, USA, 1964 Spitfire4

Ali EROGLU, Istanbul Turkey, 1964 Spitfire4

Ken Fegely, Texas, USA, 1964 Spitfire4 (11-Black)

Douglas Hansen, South Carolina, USA, 1964 Spitfire4 (32-Signal red), website

Tommy and Beverly Jones, Alabama, USA, 1964 Spitfire4

Bill Killion, Nevada, USA, 1964 Spitfire4 (32-Signal red)

Dick and Val Lloyd, Haydon, Canada, 1964 Spitfire4

Jose Luis, Spain, 1964 Spitfire4

D.C. Morris, Indiana, USA, 1964 Spitfire4

John Nuss, Arizona, USA, 1964 Spitfire4

Fred and Sandi Stanio, Nevada, USA, 1964 Spitfire4

Stan Stavrou, Sidney, Australia, 1964 Spitfire4

Ed and Diane Weider, New York, USA 1964 Spitfire4

Rodney C. Widner, Utah, USA 1964 Spitfire4


David o Neill, Ireland, 1965 Spitfire4

Lee & Sheryl Pedersen, Nebraska, USA, 1965 Spitfire4

Maya Raab, Illinois, USA, 1965 Spitfire4 (25-Conifer)

Nick Vass, Wiltshire England, 1965 Spitfire4


Pedro Baptista, Pico Island Portugal, 1965 Mk2

Kevin Coffey, Pennsylvania, USA, 1965 Mk2 (32-Signal Red)

Rachel Dixon, England, 1965 Mk2 (26-Wedgwood Blue)

Ray Groff, Pennsylvania, USA, 1965 Mk2

Scott Irwin, California, 1965 Mk2

Mike A. Japp, Florida, USA, 1965 Mk2 website

Mitch Johnson, Utah, USA, 1965 Mk2

Robert Kulpinski, Poland, 1965 Mk2

Ralph and Carol Marquart, Wisconsin, USA, 1965 Mk2

Paolo Pini, Italy, 1965 Mk2 (Conifer Green)

Bernie Thompson, Michigan, USA, 1965 Mk2

Dennis Wunsch, South Carolina, 1965 Mk2 (British Racing Green)

Adam Bein, California, 1966 Mk2

Mike Campbell, Texas, 1966 Mk2, 2.8L Chevy V6 and T5 tranny

Carl Dell, England, 1966 Mk2 (56-Royal Blue)

George Durkin, Arizona, 1966 Mk2 (Triumph Racing Green-PPG code 44583)

Julien Gijbels, Belgium, 1966 Mk2 (32-Signal Red)

Darryl Hurter, South Africa, 1966 Mk2

Kirk Lockwood, New York, USA, 1966 Mk2 (Blue Mica Spectra with White Diamond Pearl stripes)

Dave Miller, Pennsylvania, USA, 1966 Mk2

Mike Ross, Ohio, USA, 1966 Mk2

Nassos Sarris, Greece, 1966 Mk2 (25-Conifer Green)

Donald Weldon, Massachusetts USA, 1966 Mk2

Steve Allen, California, 1967 Mk2

Jean-Marc Dion, Quebec, Canada, 1967 Mk2

Byron Shapiro, Nebraska, USA, 1967 Mk2

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