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Herald Photos

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I have started adding color information to the listings of the cars (name, color number). If you send photos of your car, please include the color and if it is original. If you car is already listed, the color.

To have your car featured here and in the next Spitfire/GT6 Magazine, visit the submission page for info.

Send us your photos!

Daryl Shaw, Alberta Canada, 1960 Herald Coupe

Lee & Sheryl Pedersen, Nebraska, 1962 Herald 1200

Morris and Donna McKenzie, British Columbia Canada, 1963 Herald

Andrew DeVisscher, Colorado, 1964 Herald 1200 (red)
"GT6 engine stiffed in, and a GT6 transmission and diff to handle the power."

Ray Sinclair, Georgia, 1965 Herald (Sebring White)

Charlie Weatherbee, Florida, 1966 Herald

Christian H Jensen, Denmark, 1970 Herald 13/60 cabriolet

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