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GT6 Photos

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I have started adding color information to the listings of the cars (name, color number). If you send photos of your car, please include the color and if it is original. If you car is already listed, the color.

To have your car featured here and in the next Spitfire/GT6 Magazine, visit the submission page for info.

1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972 | 1973

Ed Dressler, Pennsylvania, 1967 GT6 MK1 (25-Conifer)

Paul Hasleham, England, 1967 GT6 MK1 (Old English White)

Matthijs Jansen, Holland, 1967 GT6 MK1 (25-Conifer)

John-Paul Keohane, Wiltshire, England, 1967 GT6 MK1 (32-Signal Red)

Dave Langkamp, Iowa, USA, 1967 GT6 MK1

Lee & Sheryl Pedersen, Nebraska, USA, 1967 GT6 MK1

Mike Randall, London England, 1967 GT6 MK1 (British Racing Green)

Steve Remmers, Connecticut, USA, 1967 GT6 MK1

Larry and Sherrie Underhill, Oregon, 1967 GT6 MK I (Signal Red)

John Wood, Australia, 1967 GT6 MK I (with TR8 wheels)

Bruce Bonnell, Oregon, USA, 1968 GT6 MK1 (56-Royal Blue)

Chuck Dommer, Colorado, USA, 1968 GT6+

Alan Gruskos, New Jersey, USA 1969 GT6+ ("bright blue" paint)

Robert Hesselgrave, California, USA, 1968 GT6+

Rich Hurley, New York, USA, 1968 GT6 MK1

Jeffrey Lampinski, Pennsylvania, USA, 1968 GT6 MK1 (18-Gunmetal)

Janet & Michael Roe, Indiana, USA, 1968 GT6 Mk1 ('81 Toyota yellow)

Andre Rousseau, Ontario Canada, 1968 GT6 Mk1 (Wedgwood)

Jim Svehla, Illinois, 1968 GT6 Mk1 (signal red)

Edwin Tiben, Holland, 1968 Mk1 GT6 (56-Royal Blue)

Patrick Versluys, Deurle, Belgium , 1968 Mk I, (25-Conifer Green)

Andrew De Visscher, Colorado, USA, 1968 GT6+ (76-British Racing Green respray)


Richard Dane, Nottinghamshire, England, 1969 GT6 MkII

Kim Johnson, Ohio, USA, 1969 GT6+

Jim Kelly, Massachusetts, USA, 1969 GT6+

Darren Milsom, Washington, USA, 1969 GT6+

Mark and Gina Rivers, New York, 1969 GT6+

Norbert Ploeger, Netherlands, 1969 GT6+ (California export)

Keith Barclay, Fife, Scotland, 1970 Mk2 (silver)

Martin Bisaillion, Quebec, Canada, 1970 GT6+

Bob & Mary Buxbaum, Virginia, USA, 1970 GT6+

Ralph "Red" Beard, California, USA, 1970 GT6+

Terry Collins, East Yorkshire, England, 1970 Mk2 (34-Jasmine Yellow)

Graham Johnson, New Jersey, USA, 1970 GT6+ (55-Laurel Green)

Josh Hickey, Virginia, USA, 1970 GT6+

Mike Owens, California, USA, 1970 GT6+ (56-Royal Blue)

Scott Porter, Virginia, USA, 1970 GT6+

Steve Rindt, Wisconson, USA, 1970 GT6+

Mike Ross, Ohio, USA, 1970 GT6+

Mike Ross, Ohio, USA, 1970 GT6+

Barry Schwartz, California USA, 1970 GT6+

Carola Schütt, Germany, 1970 Gt6 Mk2, (54 - Saffron Yellow)

Scott Screptock, Michigan, USA, 1970 GT6+

Michael Smith, Maryland, USA, 1970 GT6+

Dan Stewart, Washington USA, 1970 GT6+

Thor Svaboe, Rykkinn Norway, 1970 Mk2 GT6

Chris Campbell, Virginia, 1971 Mk3 GT6

Martin Flint, England, 1971 Mk2 GT6 (56-Royal Blue)

Robert and Patricia Kain, Arkansas, 1971 Mk3 GT6 (54-Saffron)

Kevin Slater, Ontario Canada, 1971 Mk3 GT6 (17-Damson)


Marcus Bewley, England, 1972 Mk3 GT6

Malcolm Bird, Ontario Canada, 1972 Mk3 GT6

Lloyd Bowers, Suffolk, UK, 1972 GT6 Mk 3 (82-Carmine Red)

Bruce Forbes, Nebraska, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6 (72-Pimento Red)

Michael Gassmann, Switzerland, 1972 GT6

Joe Guinan, Nebraska, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6 (white)

Bob Harris, Michigan, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6 (93-Russett)

James Jennings, California, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6 (75-BRG)

Igal Maasen, Georga, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6

Bill Hopper, California, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6

Otto Kemp, North Carolina, USA, 1972 GT6 Mk 3 "Rumble Bee"

Michael Mcarthur, Indiana, USA, 1972 GT6 Mk 3

Kasper Niehaus, Alkmaar Holland, 1972 GT6 Mk 3 (76-Sapphire Blue) California export

Sue & Dave Snyder, Michigan, USA, 1972 GT6 Mk 3 (66-Valencia Blue)

Kevin Sproul, Canada, 1972 GT6 MkIII

Andrew and Susan Stark, Missouri, USA, 1972 Mk3 GT6

Dennis Brown, Massachusetts, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6 (Nissan chartreuse)

Tim Burton, New York, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6

David Cole, Essex, England, 1973 Mk3 GT6 (96-Sapphire Blue)

Colin Finch, Austria, 1973 Mk3 GT6

Clyde Johnson, West Virginia, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6

Gerbrand Meijer, Zwolle, The Netherlands, 1973 GT6 MkIII

Mike Moran, California, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6 (12-Matador Red)

Richard Poucher, South Wales, 1973 Mk3 GT6 (54-Saffron)

Tim Rogers, Ontario, 1973 Mk3 GT6 (32-Signal Red)

Mark Saffian, Texas, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6

Dan Stewart, Washington, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6 (64-Mimosa Yellow)

Matthew Wilson & Colleen Manzer, California, USA, 1973 Mk3 GT6

Itaru Uno, Tokyo, Japan, 1973 Mk3 GT6

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