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Aftermarket Bonnets/Bodies

Toby Waters' 1966 Spitfire sports this Ashley bonnet.

APAL Custom Bonnet, Werner Spichtig, Wohlen, Switzerland
"I was told only a few bonnets of this type made. The car was originally built in Dec. 1966, it now has a 2 litre, 6 cylinder engine and a rollbar. It was restored/modified between 1997 and 2000."

Vincent Hurricane custom bonnet/body made by Caburn Engineering as seen at the TSSC event June 2002. Also see the Vincent Hurricane Registry's Photo Pages

Performance Research Industries offers rear wings and front spoilers. Owned by Joe Guinan, link to his conversion.

DotJigsaw Racing Services (outside link)
Aluminum LeMans style bonnet

DotAWE Pintail and Redwing (outside link)
A MG TD styled body swap

DotBurlington Cars (outside link)
a rebody kit resembling an MGTC or WWII Jeep
another link with more photos

DotSpecial Hardtops (outside link)
Photos of unusual fastback hardtops, French Spitfire Club site

DotSpecial Bonnets (outside link)
Photos of unusual bonnets, French Spitfire Club site

DotReBodies (outside link)
Photos of unusual body kits, French Spitfire Club site

DotSpitfire Estate Wagon (station wagon) conversion photo
A photo of a unusual hardtop (probably a hoax)

DotHoneybourne Mouldings (no website that I am aware of)
(company still making some of the bonnets on the French Spitfire Club Site)
Honeybourne Mouldings
Station Road, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5EQ, UK
Tel: 01789 762071
Fax: 01789 762071

Australian owner is looking for info about this Spitfire/Hearld based racer...