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Reference Pages

DotSpitfire & GT6 Models and Options
A year-by-year listing of all models, commission numbers, options available and number made.

DotSpitfire General Dimensions, Weights and Capacities

DotCommission Numbers
A year-by-year listing of commission numbers including prefixes and suffixes.

DotVehicle Identification Numbers
VIN (commission) numbers for 1979-80 Spitfires

DotEngine Numbers
Lists for engine number prefixes, suffixes and sizes for Spitfires and other Triumph Models.

DotFinal Drive (Differential) Ratio Numbers
Ratios, Specs, lubes for your final drive (differential).

DotTorque Specs
Torque specs to general areas of the Spitfire.

DotLubrication Specifications
List of fluid (oil, anti-freeze, etc.) requirements and types (from 1975 Owners Manual).

DotTips and Tricks
List of clever ideas for making work on your Spitfire or GT6 much easier.

DotTune-up Data
List of info for tune-up and timing specs your Spitfire and GT6.

DotMaintenance Schedule
A comprehensive listing of maintenance performed by Triumph Dealers (from 1975 Owners Manual).

DotSubstitute & Interchangeable Parts
This page lists substitutes for no longer available parts or interchangeability between Spitfires, GT6's and other cars' parts. This page will stay in a constant state of construction.

DotLuggage Racks
This page shows measurements for the factory luggage rack and another small version that was probably not factory.

DotEnglish to American Dictionary
"what's a spanner?!?"

DotTriumph Spotter's Guide
This page is meant to be a very general overview of these models divided by body styles

DotSpitfire & GT6 track times
Autocar and Road & Track Magazines' test times for 0-60 and top speed


DotFuse System
Describes the systems controlled by each fuse (from 1975 Owners Manual).

DotRelay System
Describes the relays on late model Spits

DotWiring Diagrams
Links to download some excellent wiring diagrams by Tom O'Malley including overdrive diagrams

DotIgnition Troubleshooting & Resources
Items I have found regarding ignition systems

DotGauge Problems
This page lists problems with your gauges and possible fixes.

DotFront lights
Information about the front lights on early Spits

DotTesting Voltage Regulators (outside link)
Testing of the standard Lucas Control Box or Voltage Regulator installed on all Triumph Spitfires (and many other models) that have a DC Generator.

Suspension/Wheel Area wheel/tire index

DotFactory Wheel/Tire Information
Stock tire & wheel specs including width, size, pressures, etc.

DotTires/Wheels Survey
Triumphspitfire.com's visitors rank tire brands, sizes, wheels

DotAftermarket Wheel Brands for Your Car
A list of wheels that will fit Spitfires/GT6's

DotWheel Alignment Specs.
Camber, caster, etc for Spitfire and GT6

DotFront Spring Information
Info about front springs on 1962? Spitfire, Herald and Vitesse

DotRear Suspension/Differential Information
Info about repair and diagnosis of noise in rear end

DotWire Wheel Care
From a 1969 Triumph Service bulletin

DotWire Wheel Information


DotSlave Cylinder Replacement
Don't bother looking for an easy way.

DotBrakes/Slave Cylinder Information

DotSpeedBleeder Sizes
The correct size of Speedbleeders as Spits require two sizes

DotBrake Fluid Info
Which brake fluid should be used on your Triumph

DotBrake Master Cylinder Repair
"Spitfire Guy" gives many tips


DotSteering Wheel Removal
Get that stubborn thing off.


DotPhoto Index
Pages that contain photos of Spitfire & GT6's, carbs, wheels, engines, stripes, etc.; anything dealing with the way your car looks.

DotPaint & Trim Codes
Codes for the paint colors; find out what the color your Spitfire or GT6 was originally.

DotFactory Side Stripes
This page discusses colors and locations of factory stripes.

DotPaint Schemes
This page shows owner designed stripes. It also shows other color schemes such as British flag and other unique paint jobs.

This page shows the locations of decals, and badges on your Spitfire/GT6. Under construction.