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Fun Photo Captions 1/02-4/02 quiz

"Dad, How come you never take me for a ride in this car?"

"Where does a 100lb dog sit.....?"

"Dog-car-restorers often become confused as to how to proceed after the teardown stage."

"Never give a concours GT6 to a dog as a chew toy."

"But, you promised me a ride!"

"Now just put your foot on the middle peddle and then we'll be done bleeding the brakes."

"Dad, ya done yet?"

"Your laughing now, it'll be complete soon!!"

"I'll go to the Vet but only in this car!"

"I tried, but there were all these extra parts."

"Ooops, I did it again! "

"My dog loves his new kennel, I think not!"

"And he says I make a mess!!"

"After 2 years, let go man"

"So after she found out how much he's spent on the rebuild, he sleeps in the doghouse and I get to bed down in here."

"Man, when me and 20 of my buds hit the Iditerod in this baby, we are gonna be the team from hell!"

"Come on dad you said I could drive it today"

"This is proof that the world has gone to the dogs!"

"Luckily, Bob was a small man, so when it came time to set up his suspension his dog filled the driver's seat perfectly!"

"Your only saying I can't drive this 'cause I'm a dog aren't ya?"

"Man, after 3 years or 21 dog years, lets go!"

"Dedicated Triumph Fan ready for the open road, if only he could make his owner hurry up with that small modification of the light switch that he started 5 years ago."

"Some guard dog."

"Not yet triumphed"

"Some dogs are born with fleas, others are destined to acquire them!"

"What a strange way to test the strength of floorboards!"

"Will it ever be finished?"

"My name is Revere and it looks like my ride will be a little late."

"Are we there yet?"

"Just look at that-MAN'S BEST FRIEND FIXED IT AGAIN!!!"

"Are we ever gonna get to go for a ride?"

"Anyone seen my bone?"

"Where will we be going today then?"

"Hurry up and finish this thing so I can pick up the poodle down the street!"

"No horses just dog power for now"


"Spitfire wiv a woof!!"

"Look! What can possibly take this long?? I want to go for a ride NOW!!"

"A new meaning to mans best friend. "

"Junkyard dog school didn't cover reassembly"

"My owner said he was coming back to take me for a ride"

"Welcome to my PAD"

"After many failed attempts using the "Self-Brake-Bleed" kit, Harold recruits the help of a willing paw."

"I didn't do it"

"You don't drive it, so I thought I would!"

"And you said if I ate that brake hose you where gonna take me to the vet."

"I knew we shouldn't have parked in Liverpool"

"One dog will always be a dog. The other could become a tiger one day"

"He usually just chews my slippers!!"

"When the little car heard itself being described as a 'baby E-type', it just fell to pieces laughing!!!!"

"Some dogs like to fetch a ball or chase cars, this one likes to restore Triumphs!!!"

"Crikey, I piss on his tire ONCE and this is what he does??? "

"I'm sorry... I know you told me to guard the car, but I only fell asleep for a second..."

"I was just a pup when he started on this thing"

Well, at least I didn't chew the seats up!

Bring back the "push buttons" This ain't easy with no thumbs!

"well you have to admit, the other word sounds like 'sit'"

When their owners go out...

What is the dumbest question asked about your Spitfire? 10/01-12/15 quiz

"When do you get to drive it if you have to work on it all the time?"

I used to drive my car with it's hardtop, but one day I took it out just "open"... Then a friend said: "why did you cut your car?" (He hadn't noticed my car was a convertible!!!!)

"Sure is a small car isn't it?"

"Does it have an electric top?"

"A Triumph eh. Who made that?"

"Did you make that yourself?"

"so... who made that?... Dodge?"

"Do you still drive your MG?"

"Where do you put the batteries?"

I was asked several times "DOES IT RUN"

"What the **** is that thang?"

"Is it fast?"

"Do you use your car to deliver mail?" (right hand drive car)

Someone commented "look at that Jaguar" (69 Spitfire)

"That's a nice MG; is it new?" (69 Spitfire)

"Did they steal that design from the Pontiac Fiero?" (TR-7)

"What year Vet is that?"

Mans wife asked me "Is that an old 240z"

Her husband answered for me "No stupid that's a Mini Cooper" (68 GT6)

"Y'know they don't make them like that any more, why did they stop making the E-Type?" (GT6)

"Did you make that style of car up yourself?"

"Is that a MG?!!!"

"Is that a Porsche?"

"Is that a Fiat?"

"How many people can fit in that two seater?"

"Where do you pop the hood?"

"why do the rear wheels tilt in?"

"I guess they're pretty trouble free, eh?"

"How do you get out of it?"

"Is that an Electric car?"

"I have always liked Fiats, how long have you had yours?"

"I had an MG just like that one"

Him: "That car is German isn't it?"
Me: "No, it's British"
Him: "No it's not. It's German."
Me: "No, it's British"
Him: "No, it's gotta be German."
Me: "No, British."
Him: "You sure?"
Me: "Pretty sure."

"Is that a kit car?"

Whoa! Cool car! Can you smoke the tires??

Why did you buy that?

And the dumbest: "Are you a hairdresser?"

Do you ever show your car? 7/01-9/30 quiz

No - 25%
Yes, occasionally - 39%
Yes, as often as I can - 36%

What one change that you made to your car made the biggest difference? 4/01-6/30 quiz

Weber Carb-25%
Electronic Ignition-16%
Carb (non-Weber related: swap to SU's, larger SU's, Rebuilds, etc.) -14%
Suspension Rebuild-6%
Overdrive Transmission-5%

K&N air filters
Distributor mods
Raising carb needles
Went to electronic fuel pump
Complete suspension rebuild
poly bushes on rear, transformed rear handling
Brake Speedbleeders
68 corvette air shocks (rear)
I put an alternator instead of the dynamo
New ball joints at track rod ends
brake servo - what a difference, it stops now
Upgrades to the braking system.
radial tires
Rear anti-sway bar on GT6
Finding a *really good* restoration-and a previous owner/builder who still loves 'his' car!
Lightened flywheel
Swapped in a 2 liter GT6 engine
Fitting Halogen H4 headlights with 100/80 watt bulbs. I can finally see where I am going!
Electric fuel pump
Electric fan
Solid steering rack mounts
Upgraded the tires
Tires: 175-70 R13's
Corvette air shocks
GM 7127 alternator conversion
Changed 4.11 to 3.27 differential

Selected Notes:
So far, the Pertronix electronic ignition conversion. Smoothed out the powerband all the way to redline. Great investment.
Water choke to manual choke conversion! (she floods no more)
I replaced the worn master cylinder with a new one for a Datsun 510, replaced the rubber lines with braided steel and replaced the rotors with cross-drilled rotors. The pedal is very firm and the car stops on a dime.
Installed a Weber downdraft card in place of the twin side drafts. Amazing difference!
Lost the Stromberg carb and bolted on a Weber Downdraft!!!

What other Car Magazines (other than Spitfire & GT6) do you read? 2/02-3/30 quiz

Triumph World (newsstand)-29
British Car (newsstand)-28
Practical Classics (newsstand)-24
British Car (subscribe)-22
Triumph World (subscribe)-16
Practical Classics (subscribe)-10

Auto Retro
British Motoring
Car & Car Conversions
Car & Driver
Classic Car Mart
Classics & Sports Car
F1 Racing
Grassroots Motorsports
Jag Classics
Mini World
Minor Monthly
Spitfire & GT6
Thoroughbred & Classic Car

Which shop manual do you own and how do you rate it? 12/31-2/01 quiz














































Leyland Repair Operations





Triumph Owners Manual





Triumph Official Workshop Manual










(Haynes) I like the troubleshooting section, and the price is cheap!
(Leyland Repair Operation Manual Mk IV) Factory better for electrical wiring diagrams, switch trouble shooting. More model specific. Diagrams in Moss and TRF Catalogs very helpful.
(Haynes & Brooklands) Good to have both for crossreferenceres
(Haynes) Not much info on the MkI,II,&III
(Vitesse, Herald, Spitfire Workshop Manual) Best manual I ever had for any car. Does require you to know how to do many things - no "hand-holding" in this book.
(Haynes) The wiring diagram was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I recently obtained a copy of the original owners manual for my '77 Spit and found the correct wiring diagram...big difference
(Haynes) Could cover a bit more detail
(Haynes) They totally ignore the early Spits
(Haynes) Not enough diagrams
(Bentley) I have found a few errors in specifications. These are probably right from Triumph. But they have caused me problems.
(Bentley GT-6 Wrk Shp.Man.) I've read this cvr. to cvr. many times
(Bentley & Haynes) Buy 'em both! Different info in each.
Bentley's manual is a copy of the factory manual with a copy of the drivers manual bound together in one book..
Haynes for the everyday stuff; Bentley for 'when failure ain't an option'
(Haynes) I have a 1978 spit and manual has very little info on cars after 1970 plus very little in way of specs or detail as relates to specific models.
No one book can do all. That's why we have these sites.
The Clymer Manual has more info. on my early Spitfire
To get real intricate details a factory manual is a must
I can usually figure out things from it-much to Dave's (my mechanic) consideration! He's done quite a few modifications on the car, so with the Haynes, I'm usually close, but no cigar!
(Haynes) helpful for specs and as a checklist, but often oversimplified and/or misleading
(Haynes) sometimes it's directions say to do something but not "how" to do it, but overall good book.
Read all & learn on your own
(Intereurope) good electrical diagrams

What is the Best Color Combination for Spitfires/GT6's? 10/15-12/30 quiz

Inca Yellow/Black-13%
Pageant Blue/Black-6%

dusky pink/lime green
Preferably Metallic Red
black leather w/red piping
pageant blue w/black/pageant blue piping (cobra classic seats)
BRG/Tan: classic color combo for classic British cars!
Dodge Sublime Green/Black (2 "hockey stick" style stripes on the sides like the 340 Duster's had)
trying to come up with the color of paint to use with tan leather interior
mimosa yellow/black (these colors are tight!)
sky blue or maybe baby blue/tan
White piping on seats
i think the best color for a GT6 is inca yellow with a black interior
BRG with red or wine leather, classic "man colors"

How original is your Spitfire/GT6? 10/15-11/15 quiz

30%-As original as I can make it to the day it left the assembly line.
52%-Minor upgrades for driveability/reliability.
18%-Originality does not matter. The only thing original is the title.
Love my spit

A spit, is a spit, is a spit. What else could be more fun to drive, no matter what's been done to it!!

My 1969 GT6+ is completely original and is the 2000 VTR Nat'l Convention Best in Class winner. It is also my daily driver!

added 5 speed trans.

3TC Toyota engine with a 2TC 5 speed for guts and reliability. What about rear end upgrades? Spits rule

No concern for originality, only for best possible performance, comfort, safety etc. 1974 spitfire with GT6 drivetrain..

Need For Speed

I am keeping as original as possible, but the color was changed from Carmine Red to Bright Yellow years ago and when I repaint, I will keep the yellow. I like the HIGH VISIBILITY factor that yellow provides! :-)

minor upgrades can make the spitfire much more fun and reliable

It looks good and drives better

how can i see how much it is

Spitfire/GT-6 conversion coming

I admire those that spend the time, money and effort to keep their cars as original as possible. If Spitfires/GT6's were very rare cars I would say that is the only way to do it. However since there are still plenty of them on the road, I spend my time, money and effort on making my cars the way I enjoy driving them. That doesn't mean anything radical. Just small details and upgrades (rustproofing, leather upholstery, carburation, exhaust, etc.) that the factory could not do without pricing the car out of the range that they were trying to sell it at.

i hate when people screw up GT6's and spitfires by not keeping them as original as possible!

I want tot get it as original as possible

90% original...personal preference

upgraded tires(175/70-13), K&N air filter, will add header and big bore exhaust, shocks

Changed the steering wheel to a smaller size and converted it to a no-lead head but other than that, it's pretty much stock.

I feel the car looks best the way it was originally designed. Extensive modifications look out of place on such a classic design.

currently restoring my 1971 MK IV and trying to keep it as original as possible. The Spit sat for at least 12 years, I think it sat for longer than the owner I purchased it from. Taking it down to the frame and hoping to have it roadworthy in two years.

'80 Blue Spitfire 1500

Different tires, CD player. 1973 GT6, owned since 1975.

lowback seats. electric fuel pump. later model radiator

Radio changed and smog pump was removed.

Webber,cam,header,ignition up grades

The person who owned it before me really messed it up!

Upgraded ignition module

I have a spitfire donated by a parent, but I don't have the know-how to fix it, or the time, what should I do?

73 GT6 MkIII restored to original condition over a 15 year period. Owned since 1976.

What Tires and Wheels Do You Have on Your Car? 9/1-10/15 quiz
Because this quiz was very indepth, the results will not fit on this page. Visit the Aftermarket Tire/wheel page for details.

Other than Spitfire or GT6, what other British Car do you own? 8/2-9/1 quiz
(this quiz was not done in percents because many owners owned more than one British Car)

None - 36
TR6 - 8
Jaguar - 6
Mini - 5
Hillman - 4
Triumph Herald - 4
Sunbeam Tiger/Alpine - 4
Spridget - 3
Triumph 2500 - 3
Austin (Taxi, Sedan, etc) - 3
Triumph Stag - 3
Rover - 3
Ford (Counsul, Zephyr, etc.) - 3
TR4/TR5/TR250 - 2
TR7/TR8 - 2
TR3 - 1
Morris - 1
Riley - 1
Daimler - 1
Landrover - 1
TVR - 1
MGA - 1
Standard 10 - 1
Triumph Motorcycle - 1

What color should we paint the Contest Car? 7/2-8/1 quiz

British Racing Green - 24.6%
Original Color (Sienna Brown) - 20.3%
Signal Red - 15.9%
"Dark" Blue (navy, midnight, etc.) - 13%

other colors suggested (in order of popularity):
Royal Blue
Valencia Blue
Carmine Red
Inca Yellow
Java Green,
Sapphire Blue
Brooklands Green
Emerald Green
French Blue
Corvette Competition Yellow

If there were a contest to win a car, which would you rather win? 6/2-7/1 quiz


What stories would you like to see in the next Spitfire Magazine? 5/2-6/1 quiz

The predominant themes seems to be carbs and bodywork (the list below is in random order):

body prep and paint tips
Spitfires driving across America, coast-to-coast
restoration procedures
Weber DCOE Rebuilds
aftermarket carburetor options w/ testing
overdrive problems
Do it yourself body repair
A Tech tip section for the beginner like checking valve clearance, timing, etc.
restoring and adjusting Weber dcoe carburators
spitfire options and original equipment
How to tune dual SU Carbs!!
owners poll on likes and any dislikes with certain model/year
lady's with their Spitfires =0)
hardtops for spitfires especially installation and hardware
paint jobs: what to do and expect to pay
A series with photos of a complete restoration either professional or amateur
dollar values of Spitfires depending on the level of restoration
In depth information on modifications made to suite these cars
Super Chargers for Spits
overdrive trannys
drive train related stories to match high power engine mods
More Engine conversions
how to sell a spitfire
Customizing an everyday driver
More Pictures
More how-to articles

What kind of car is your daily driver? 3/15-5/1 quiz

Triumph (excluding Spitfire)-4%
European (excluding Triumph)-23%

1979 spitfire...1996 Ford Contour...triumph spitfire...1973 Triumph Spitfire...Range Rover...Triumph Spitfire MK II, 1966...corvette...99 BMW 540i sport...78 spitfire gt6...Ford Ranger...1979 Spitfire...Triumph Spitfire 1500...1969 VW Campmobile...97 T-BIRD...Ford Mustang...76 spitfire 1500...triumph spitfire mk3 /overdrive...Chevy celeb...Saab 9000...Renault clio...1964 Triumph Spitfire4...T-BIRD...1970 Opel GT...vw golf...BMW 528i...78 spitfire 1500...1951 Packard 200 Ultramatic...Chevy Cavalier...spitfire 1500...73 Spitfire 1500...My spitfire naturally!...Holden Camira...1966 Fiat 850...Ford...1993 GMC Typhoon...Alfa Romeo Milano Verde...Nissan Sentra wagon- Cause that's what the ladies like...sunbird...Manuel Silva...1969 Spitfire Mk3...mini-van...1980 triumph spitfire...Triumph Spitfire...AMC Spirit (1983)...454ss truck...triumph tr-6...Ford Escort...Saab 9-5...Subaru Forester...SAAB 9000 cse...'89 Ford Ranger 4X4...Prefer my '79 1500, but suzuki swift GT when I have to...1973 mg bgt...1968 GT6...ford mustang...dodge intrepid...1979 Triumph spitfire...Triumph Spitfire 1979...79 spitfire...it depends on the weather...Nissan 200SX (Australian)...GMC Typhoon...Holden Commodore 3.8V6...GT6 Mark III...FORD PICKUP...Volvo 940...Honda Accord...MGB Roadster...76 mg midget...Isuzu Trooper...'90 cavalier...Peugeot 806...1999 Lexus LS400...Volkswagen Golf...cadillac, 1966 Fiat 850

What have you done to increase the power of your Spitfire? 1/1-3/14 quiz

Surprisingly, the most submissions are for the most expensive modifications. Either there are no inexpensive options or people didn't submit any.

26% Headers/Exhaust
22% Carbs
17% Engine Swap
8% Hot Cam
6% High Compression Pistons
6% Electronic Ignition/Hot Coil
4% K&N Air Filter
4% Other (Added Overdrive, Supercharger, Disconnected Intake Manifold Heating)
3% Tune Up
3% Mill Heads
1% Electric Fan

Listed below are some of the humorous entries submitted in jest:

feed the rat that powers the car
Push it downhill with two people instead of one
cut out the tree branch that grew into it
put it together
added 2000 more horsepower
added foot peddles
had two people push it
full tank of petrol
lost the 7lbs put on over the holidays
install engine
try and get it to run
unload mother in law
Drive downhill
Went on the Quick Weight loss diet
bought a tr6
Still trying to get it to run

Why did you choose a Spitfire over other cars? 12/14-1/13 quiz

It appears that the Spitfire's styling won most owners over, followed by size and cost of running/ownership

Here are a few of the responses:

love them
I turned 16 in 1976 and always wanted one but my parents said NO, So now I am getting my dream car.
style, price
Spitfires were the first cars I drove. Years later while working for BMW I would service one of the salesmen's MkII. I moved on and he eventually parked it in the back for a couple of years. When the weeds got tall enough thh through the floor I offered to buy it. I restored it and have had it ever since.
It looked great
the size and ease I find it is to work on
Have no clue
because I failed my driving test and wanted to cheer myself up. I'm happy now.
Cause I like to hitch hike
fun to drive, handling & performance
Because they are cool

What is the longest trip you have taken in your Spitfire? 11/4-12/14 quiz

54 feet
I test drove it after I changed the shocks, the springs, and all the fittings in the wheel well. then I was pull over by the local PD for not having my tags. I informed the PD that this was a test drive to make sure I did the job right.
to Carpi, Mantova
550 miles
120 miles
1,000 miles
2,000 miles
2400 miles
100 miles
410 miles
250 miles
Orange County, CA to San Francisco
300 miles
50 miles from where i bought it to home, (almost) I had to push the last mile
4,000 miles
45 miles
Around France
WA to Los Angles, CA via the Coast Highway
7 miles
1500 km
18 miles from Kelly AFB to Cibilo Texas

Do you have a special nickname for your Spitfire? 10/6-11/3 quiz

Spitty was the most popular name with 5 respondents
HardWay, Kermit, Baby Blue, Katie, Nigel, Penny, Tatiana, Big Penis, Midge, Jenny, Shorty, Mello Yellow or Miss Daisy, Putterson, Judas, Stapo 74, Toy, P-51, Rusty, Dog, Sandy, Algy, Skate, Lloyd, Fox, 76, Colours, Ol' Spit, Spit Wad, the Go-Cart, Hoick, Overdrive, One day, Charity (named after one of the Glouster Gladiator aircraft from Malta, as both are made from parts from all over)

Do you have a special license plate on your Spitfire? 9/23-10/5 quiz

Most people who responded did not have a "vanity" licenses plate on their Spitfire.
Some of the ones that did were:
"76 SPIT"
"64 FIRE"
"HAAS 73"
" 2SMAL43"

Visit this link to "Vanity License Plates" website

Do you let your spouse drive your Spitfire? 9/9-9/22 quiz

Never! 61%
Occasionally, 28%
Any time she/he wants, 11%

Selected Comments:

"Always, cos we've one each!"
"What do you mean, my car's my wife!!!"
" Always, however, she hates it, and won't ride in it."
"she looks better in it then I"

How does your Spitfire get repaired? 8/11-9/8 quiz

I do everything, 71%
I do everything except major bodywork or engine work, 21%
I only do minor repairs, 8%
I let someone else do it all, None!%

How do you drive your Spitfire? 8/4-8/11 quiz

Touring, 55%
Touring with an occasional autocross, 25%
Autocross only, 10%
Race only, 5%
Other, 5% (daily transportation, doesn't run)

What color is your Spitfire? 7/28-8/4 quiz



British Racing Green


Inca Yellow












"its been very fun car, owned for 15 yrs '78 continuous repairs. A true English car"
"Its perdy"
"1966 MarkII, just turned 50000 miles"
"good car!"

*Other Colors:
Primer Gray/Red, Tahiati Blue, Damson Red, Orange, Metallic Green

How many miles per year do you drive your Spitfire? 7/13-7/28 quiz

less than 100, 24%
101-500, 10%
501-1000, 7%
1001-3000, 18%
3001-5000, 25%
5001-8000, 13%
greater than 8000, 3%

"have three, we rotate"
"The Best Car in the World to drive!!"

Quick Quiz Long-Term Quiz 8/11/99-? quiz
Results as of 11/1/00: All the suppliers earned either good or great ratings. The majority of the negative ratings seemed to be related to shipping which is most likely the shipping company's, not the supplier's fault.

Where do you buy your parts?
Rimmer Brothers
British Parts NW
Victoria British
The Roadster Factory

How would you rate their knowledge/service?
Great Good
Fair Poor

How would you rate the quality of parts?
Great Good
Fair Poor

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