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V.T.R. Spit Page
Teglerizer's Home Page a great site with an excellent section on Weber Carbs.
Amicale Spitfire the French Triumph Spitfire Club's page
Jeff's Classic '67 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 Site
The Sketches of Giovanni Michelotti The Italian Spitfire Club's page of Michelotti's original drawings of the Spitfire and GT6
Triumph Spitfire Resource Site
Uraniwa Spitfire (in Japanese, English text available) check out the Illustration Gallery
SpitfireCentral, Koos Ridder and Niels Mulder's Restoration pages the restoration of a MkII and 1500 with thousands of photos of every step ot the process

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Andre's 68 Mk1 GT6 lots of detailed photos of EVERY angle of the car
CJ's Triumph GT6 tons of detailed photos of EVERY aspect of the restoration of this MKII
Duncan's GT6 Pages, a very interesting concept in the restoration of a GT6. Repairs were categorized by Estimated cost, Actual cost, Estimated time, Actual Time, and Urgency of repair.
GT6.com a nice site with good tech pages
SR's 1968 GT pages. Check out the racing videos on his links pages.
Steve's GT6 Site another great site with much "vintage" information
Triumph GT6 check out ageing of windows and sales brochures
Italian GT6 site (in Italian)
David Vizard's "Tuning Standard Triumphs over 1300cc" (1970) in PDF format (150 pages) (1.1M)

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Herald 1200cc page 1964 Herald
Standard Triumph Page (fitting of Shorrock Superchargers on Herald and Vitesse)
Sports 6 (Vitesse 6) and Herald Database a very informative site
SportsSix Info a new, promising site
948cc Knowlegebase for Triumph Herald derived vehicles

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The Bond Equipe Page The fiberglass bodied car of the early 60's that used Spitfire engine/drivetrain
BJ's Bond Equipe Page
Vincent Hurricane A nice body swap for Spits/GT6's still available today.

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AUTO DATABASES (all owners please visit these pages)

International Triumph Spitfire Database
International GT6 Registry (with photos)
International Triumph GT6 Database
Triumph Spit6/CGT6 Hybrid Project Registry
North American Herald & Sport 6 Registry
Vincent Hurricane Registry (aftermarket body replacement for Spit/GT6)


Your Car's History:
British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate Receive details about your car from the original factory records. Click here for a photo.

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency They will send copies of all the previous registration documents including the original dealer registration (UK only)

Spitfire History:
Micholotti Design A site showing prototype illustrations of the Spitfire and GT6's body by designer by the designer Giovanni Michelotti.

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Huib Wassink's California 1965 Mk2 at home in Holland
Rob van der Zanden's restoration of his 65 Mk2, tons of photos!
Mikael Schultz Spitfire MK II 1966 (Sweden)

Jeff's Classic '67 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 Site an excellent site! 1967 Mk3
Ueli's Spitbeer-Website The unofficial Spitfire Beer, plus nice MkIII brochures in German.
Giuseppe Palmisano's Website1970 Mk 3 Spitfire (nice photos, site in Italian)

Eric Kieboom's Spitfire Pages A good site done by a Dutch owner for his 1976 Spit.
Pierre Simons' Restoration pages Another Dutch owner
Howard & Ginny's Spitfire purchased on ebay for $1076! 1976 1500
Itaru Uno's Spitfire Pages in Japanese
Vic Whitmore's 1976 1500
Sputter the Spitfire (if you are about to buy your first Spit, read the FAQ's) 1976 1500
Lady (the Spitfire): a 1979 Belgium-born Spitfire
Lakeland Spitfire Page an ongoing restoration project with lots of photos of a 1976 1500
Bob Owsinski's Pub 1976 Spitfire (wonderful Ford Denim Blue color)
Mike's British Sports Car 1977 1500
Gordon Walker's Pages 1977 1500
Paul Geithner's Spitfire 1978 1500 with MANY upgrades!
Richard Baines' blog-style site about his 1978 Spitfire
Richard Bonilla's Spitfire nice photos of a red 79 or 80
Lady Spitfire 1979 a nice photo site chronicling the restoration of a Belgium Spitfire
Spitfire Guy's WebPages Mike Nelson's website dedicated to his '78 Spit

Multiple Cars:
Patrick Barber's Triumph Website 1967, 70 and 74 Spitfires
Joe Guinan's 80 Spitfire & 72 GT6
Mike's (Japp) Triumph Spitfire: Twenty Years of Fun 1965 & 1977 Spitfires, 69 GT6
Wade Kvapil's Alamo Spitfire pages 1965 Mk1, 1967 Mk2 and 1979 1500

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Spitfire/GT6 Racing History
Bob Wanta Group 44 as a driver/engineer in the mid 70's
The Works Spitfire a history of works racecars
Sebring 1965 a page discussing ADU4B's role at Sebring
Spitfire Competition Preparation Manual (informative and worth the wait for the 4.5mb pdf to download)
Sporting Spitfires A brief history of Spitfires in competition.

Group 44 Racing- THE Triumph racing team of late 60's
The Evil Little Car with a Hellish Howl a GT6 Group 44 story
Group 44 photos and magazine ads put together by Steve Knoll, a member of Group 44 from 1966-69
More Group 44 Information

Current Racing Teams
Arron's Spitfire Page FProduction 1500
Mark J. Bradakis' Racing site 74, Mk1, and another Early Spit
Blanc Caillou Racing Team 68 MkIII
British Race Group
D&L Motorsports
Dimebank Racing Page (GT6)
Four Fourty GT6
FMG Racing
Friends of Triumph Racing great photos and past ads
Hoan Racing Ltd.
Jon Wolfe's Spitfire Racing Pages 1999 TSSC Champion
NiGin Racing a nice site with a great page showing the cars by color and points totals.
Brian Ready's 1500 Autocrosser
Spitfire Historic Race Site
Virtual Racing Team Spitfire

Competition/High Performance Parts/Products
Performance Research Industries tons of performance parts
TS Imported Automotive

Sanctioning Bodies
British Racing and Sports Car Club
Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing
Historic Sports Car Racing
Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association
Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing
Sports Car Club of America
Sports Car Vintage Racing Association
Vintage Auto Racing Association
Vintage Drivers Club of America
Vintage Motorsport Council
Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association

Car Setup and Troubleshooting Guide The effects of different tire pressures, shocks, antiroll bars, springs and alignment on handling.
History of F1
Race Car Sales Site a site to buy/sell racecars, a great racing parts wanted bulletin board
Race Results Database Officials Results for all the important races between 1921 and 2001
The Physics of Racing
Team.net's Vintage Racing Pages
Virgina International Raceway History many great old photos of all marques

SCCA Racing Forum

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See our Recommended Suppliers page

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1974, 1975, 1978 & 1980 Sales Brochures European versions, mostly England & Holland.
Texas Triumph Register's Spitfire Advertising Chronology
French Spitfire Club's brochures (63, 68, 70, 76)
Vincent Eweb's ads mostly 1500, US and French.
Ashley Meson's Spitfire ads mostly 1500 ads and brochures
Terry's Spitfire 1500 adverts mostly 1500's but some early Spits.
Jim's Triumph random GT6 and Spitfire brochures and other printed matter.

GT6 Sales posters
GT6 Mk1 brochure
GT6 MkII 1969/70 brochure
GT6 Postcard

Multiple Cars or Misc.
Triumph Brochures This site has pretty much everything... check here first!
Triumph Brochure Page A nice (German) website with tons of brochures from all Triumph models
Friends of Triumph Racing's racing ads, Spitfire brochures and other great stuff
Spitfire, GT6 and other British Car ads (our section)
Triumph Factory Options Brochure Spitfire is listed as Mk2 sometime after 1964

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Lotus Cars USA
Big Healeys this award-winning site is famous for its wonderful design as well as content
MG's Official Site
Chicagoland MG Club A great site with great tech info.
The MGB Experience wonderful site with tons of info. If you like MG's at all, visit!
Morgan Motor Company
Classic Mini Home Page (slow but interesting design)

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SpitBits parts catalog
Moss USA parts catalog and great newsletters
Moss catalog request
Rimmer Bros. a great online catalog
Rimmer Brothers catalog request
Victoria British parts catalog with great informational illustrations
Victoria British online catalog request

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North American Spitfire Squadron's email lists/message boards
TeamDotNet Mailing lists they will send you Spitfire or other British car info via email
to subscribe, email a message to majordomo@autox.team.net and in the body of the message: subscribe spitfires

Spitfire-enthusiast email lists
Triumph TR Bonnet Message Board mainly for TR6's but...

Bulletin Boards
Triumph Spit & GT6 Bulletin Board
TriumphSpitfire.com's Bulletin Board

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Amicale Spitfire's (French Triumph Spitfire Club) Miniatures photos pages
ETNL Diecast Models there are hundreds of obsolete Triumph scale models!
Jim's Triumph Site
Spitfire Slot Cars
Triumph Scale Model Collectors Site
Uraniwa Spitfire (in Japanese, English text available) photos of available Spitfires and other Triumph models

for sale:
Mini Modelcars
K and R Replicas

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Books4Cars.com Ask for Greg.

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Leaded Petrol list of all the petrol stations in the UK that sell leaded petrol
MOT Testing a list of what is checked during MOT testing
Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls
EPA Auto Importing

Auto Related:
CarTalk's Find a Mechanic search your Zip code for a GOOD mechanic
Classic Auto Restoration Serv. FAQ's about Metalwork, Prep, Paint, Restoration, Woodwork
Caulburn Engineering a nice body replacement for Spitfires/GT6's
E-bay listing of Spitfire items
Gas Price Watch enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas price
Streetmap.com a listing of ALL map services on the web
Triumphs in the Movies
Vanity License Plates
Yahoo's Road Maps enter an address and get a map and directions

British Registration Plates:
Registration Plate Prefixes 1903 to 1974, 1974 to 2001

Beaterz wacky & weird things people do to their cas
CarTalk with the Tappet Brothers (a wonderful radio program)
50HP from a Coffee Can A site dedicated to the HUGE tail pipes on "rice boys'" cars
KaleCo Auto humorous motoring products offering such items as flame retardant spark plugs & Budget Lowering Kit (4 nails)
Obscure British Car Humor

Bronco Driver - our magazine dedicated to Ford Broncos
True Blue Trucks - our other magazine featuring Ford Pickups.

Non-Auto Related:
Megaconverter a page that will allow you to convert anything to anything
DTee's 70's page relive the music and television of your youth, prepare to spend lots of time!

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Auto Portal
Automotive Web Index
British Antique and Classic Cars links to other car pages including great diagnosis pages
Classic British Cars
Club Triumph's Links
International Spitfire Database's links
Teglerizer's Triumph Automobile Links
British Car Webrings

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